Eleuthera: Family Vacation


flying home

Each summer my family takes a trip somewhere. Growing up it was usually somewhere out West, generally a National Park. In the past few years we have begun taking trips to the Bahamas. This year we tried out a new island Eleuthera. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this island. I have seen crystal clear blue water during our other trips, but the water in Eleuthera has an amazing turquoise tint to it, making it even more beautiful.


Crystal clear water 

Getting to Eleuthera proved to be quite the adventure…for me it was four days post surgery, so I was not feeling too hot, couldn’t carry my own bag, and was still not convinced I would make it to the island.


our porch

After the plane trip from hell (literally made flights in China look like first class)…picture an airplane ride with NO air-conditioning and sitting on the tarmac for two hours. We finally made it to the airport, got a car and drove to our house…which was absolutely stunning.


the brothers

The first few days I was forced to take it easy…I wasn’t technically supposed to get in the water until a week post surgery but my dad checked on my incisions and said I was good to go. I swear the saltwater is magical…while I was in the water I felt a million times better!


magical saltwater

On day 2 we used my dad’s father’s day present (a book on all the beaches) to try and find some good spots…we epically failed. The book gave TERRIBLE directions. We maybe found two beaches and spent most of the day driving all over the island! One place we ended up was Ocean Hole. The Ocean Hole is this blue hole (looks like a lake) in the middle of the island that is filled with tropical fish! The fish get here through tunnels that connect to the ocean.


our beach was hands down the best

I absolutely fell in love with this island! I did miss having a boat but the snorkeling here was amazing! My favorite “island stop” had to be the The Farm. This was a local farm that you could purchase fruit, veggies, etc from. They had all different plants growing on the island. If you go to Eleuthera STOP HERE


the farm

Our last night on the island we were treated to quite the local experience. Every Friday night there is a Fish Fry in Governor’s Harbor. They close the street down and essentially have a party…complete with a DJ and Limbo. Please picture my brothers (both over 6ft) competing in the Limbo with 5 and 6 year olds.


quite the experience

Getting back to the states also proved to be quite difficult. It included an hour taxi ride (with no A/C) across the island to make a different flight…and hour and a half in customs in Ft. Laudy…and another hour delay for our flight to Orlando because our Flight Attendant was stuck in customs. (customs was ridiculous but if I start talking about that it will turn into a long rant…but just picture 700+ people trying to get through customs with only 5 people working)


Stay tuned for a post all about our Adventure Day (includes CLIFF JUMPING, KAYAKING,and some pretty awesome snorkeling)!

Day 327

Today was Amanda’s 21st Birthday!!!!! :)! Tonight we went to Spice on Park Avenue so she could have a few drinks. It was a lot of fun 🙂 Here is a picture of the girls before we headed down to the ave…

Of course Amanda ditched her crown before drinks…LAME 🙂

Day 326

This morning I had a dermatologist appointment downtown, and I ended up EXTREMELY lost. Ultimately ,I found my way to my dad’s office (where I stole all the good PEOPLE magazines!) After this I ran some errands, which included getting an awesome birthday present for Amanda (she turns 21 tomorrow!) but I can’t post a picture of the present because it is very likely she will read this…so picture of the day was snapped while lost. It is on some little lake that I kept going around and around (seriously lost!) No cars were behind me so I pulled over to snap this picture!

It’s too bad you can’t see all of downtown Orlando (that would have made for a prettier picture!) This afternoon I got started on some Thanksgiving desserts. My goal was to make these adorable Turkey cake balls…but come time to bake I chickened out. I figured absolutely NOTHING could go wrong with simple sugar cookies…biggest mistake ever. They were a fail…but my family will be enjoying them on Thanksgiving! 🙂

Day 325

While shopping on Park Ave I bought this adorable hat!!! Here is a close up of the pattern on it…

This morning I went to church at 8 AM  and afterwards I went up to the Youth Ministry office where Daisy was working. We chatted for a good hour about teaching. :)!! Her degree is in Education so she is a great resource, she understands everything that I am learning. I love getting another person’s perspective on teaching.

Day 324

THE GATORS WON A FOOTBALL GAME TODAY!!! JOHN BRANTLEY CAUGHT A TOUCHDOWN PASS!!! Good day in the gator nation! Biffle went home today…but before she did we went to the Winter Park Farmers Market, another thing I love about my hometown. Picture of the day was snapped over by the flowers…

Day 323

Biffle and I walked Park Ave today…one of my favorite parts about being at home :)! I discovered some pretty weird art in the park that was definitely not there when I left…here is some of it.

Day 322

Thanksgiving break starts today!! the amazing Dr. Nelson let us out of class 2 hours early…and Biffle and I were getting ready to leave for Orlando when the unthinkable happened. Here back windshield literally SHATTERED, all over poor Julianne. The story is as follows:

We all get into Biffle’s car, Julianne in the back and start heading down sorority row so we can get my car.

Julianne: “Hey Sarah why does you back window look so weird…”

BAM!!! glass shatters EVERYWHERE! Poor Julianne is probably scarred for life…

(okay we seriously should have filmed it…my re-telling does not do it justice)

Ultimately, we cleaned up all the glass and Biffle drove her car without a back windshield all the way to Orlando. She was coming home with me so we could see Harry Potter at midnight. Marisa and her friend Amanda met up with us and we made t-shirts for the premier (yes we were THOSE people) But this was the FIRST Harry Potter movie I had seen AFTER reading the book. I am so glad they split this movie into two, because they would have never fit everything into the movie. My biggest pet peeve is when movies leave part of the book out. I must say there was only one or two things that I was upset by in this movie…overall it was INCREDIBLE. The acting phenomenal, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe have grown up so much over the ten years. I can’t wait to see this movie again! Here is a picture of Biffle, Marisa, Amanda and I in our shirts….

We may look pretty intense…but trust me there were people in LEGIT costumes. It was my first HP midnight premiere.