February Photo Challenge: A Mini Project 365

As you all know, I am quite a big fan of photography and challenging myself to take a picture EVERY DAY! (I mean I did spend an ENTIRE year doing just that!) So when I stumbled on this challenge, I knew I had to participate. I love how it tells you WHAT to take pictures of, it makes it a little more challenging than just taking a picture of anything! I am going to post all the photos at the end of the week!

Via Fat Mum Slim

Since it is DAY ONE, I will share TODAY’s photo now! Expect to see the rest of the weeks photos on Sunday!

1. My View Today…no class or internship, therefore I am trying to be productive and do my assigned reading for the week. (as you can tell it is going horribly, I am on my second blog post of the day…) Oh well, I have to finish it today because I am a first responder this week (meaning it has to be finished by tomorrow). 

Feeling like taking the challenge? Comment below and let me know if you participate! I would love to see everyone’s February in pictures :)!

Day 365: THE END

We Made It! :)! Day 365 is finally here! I truly cannot believe I made it until the very end…it seems like just yesterday I got the spur of the moment idea to start a blog, and now I am finished (sad) I am going to continue blogging and taking pictures (probably not everyday) but I am not sure what topics to discuss etc…I may just blab on and on about my life for everyone to read…

Picking a picture for today seemed so daunting. How do you choose one picture to end an entire project? 365 (+) photos have found their way onto this blog, and each one means something special to me. They remind me of memories from the past, for example I will never forget going to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans with my Mom, Jeannie and Wendy (With Danny Wuerrfel’s father sitting behind us) and that was Day 1. Through this blog I have provided myself with a diary of my year, something I was never capable of doing on paper…for some reason I always found typing easier.

Well, I guess I should tell you how I spent my last day of 2010 (Can you believe it’s over??)

I went on a photo adventure with Caitlin at Maitland Art Center…where they have cool gardens and sculptures. We took tons of pictures so I could put together a stop motion video…When we finished taking pictures we were shocked to find ourselves locked in the garden (note it was only 4:30) we ultimately had to hop over a wall and into bushes…quite adventurous if I do say so myself!

Here is the video I put together…

(warning…there are some “negative” words in this song…so do not let little ears listen! I apologize, I did not realize it was the unedited version of the song!)

Ringing in the New Year was spent with great family friends…we played an EPIC game of Catch Phrase…which I rock at :)! Together we watched the ball drop and toasted the New Year with some delicious pomegranate champagne…

That was pretty much all that happened on Day 365…and now comes the hard part finding a photograph to end it all,

Okay…reason for choosing this photograph, I love the colors in it…and the fact that it proves that trees do change colors in Florida. I also picked it for a more significant reason, I believe the fall colors signify the year coming to an end…a little cheesy I know, but that is what IB did to me (I analyze everything)

So that’s it…Project 365 is COMPLETE!

Day 364

Tomorrow ends Project 365…Can you believe it? I honestly cannot believe I made it all the way until the end, I am the queen of starting things and never finishing them! Today’s picture is my puppy Bailey (okay she isn’t a puppy anymore) she still has her cute Christmas scarf on 🙂

Day 363

The beginning of this day was not fun at all…first I had to go to the Dentist (which I hate) and then to the dermatologist…the day got a million times better when I got to see my Little!!! :)! She was staying down by Disney so I picked her up and we went outlet mall shopping! Whoever invented Retail Therapy was a genius! :)! I bought TWO Vineyard Vines dresses for the price of one, and the nice guy working there gave us a sticker for free (Very dorky but I have wanted this sticker forever, it is going to look amazing on my computer!) And then the most amazing part of the day…I got my paddle from my little…words cannot describe how truly amazing it is! She handpainted it in a Lilly Pulitzer pattern. This paddle will literally hang in my house forever!!!

Seriously, I am still speechless! It is absolutely stunning! And while the front may be the prettiest thing ever…the heartfelt note my little wrote on the back truly brightened my day! :)!!! After outlet mall shopping I went over to Amanda’s for a bonfire and I got to see Mariah, my friend that is a freshman at Georgetown!!! I haven’t seen her in forever so that was very exciting! :)!!!

Day 362

The cupcake maker got put to work today! I made some adorable cupcakes for a bonfire at Amanda’s tomorrow! I only made a few, but I actually used an icing bag to decorate them! 🙂


Day 361

Today was a long day! It started at 5:30 AM in Montana and ended around 3:15 in Orlando! Luckily none of our flights were delayed, and everything was pretty smooth! Before we left I got an early Christmas present, that I was dying to try out! Here is a picture of it…

So what exactly is the big red machine? A MINI CUPCAKE MAKER! It works just like a George Forman Grill, but it makes adorable little cupcakes! I can’t wait to test it out!!!

Day 360

This morning we packed up the condo and headed back down to Bozeman, Montana…we head home tomorrow. On the drive we spotted some Bighorn Sheep on the side of the road. This is the one animal my mother is always dying to see. One time we saw them through a telescope on the side of the hill…but today they were literally right by the road. So after a record breaking lens change I was ready to snap! I got this picture of the sheep with bighorns, there was also a little baby one too! (awww!)

And can you believe it is DAY 360!! Five more days left…now I have to start figuring out what I am going to do next year!!