Car Camping Barney Lake

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 8.23.07 PM.png
Wow! I am so sorry I have been terrible at updating,lots of exciting things going on in my life…I AM BUYING A HOUSE (ahhh!) but trying my best to catch up! First up? Our backpacking trip to the Hoover Wilderness. Last summer we adventured through Yosemite Back Country, this year we stayed close to Yosemite but tried a couple different trails in the High Sierras.


We flew into Reno, talk about a cheesy airport casinos every 5 ft, and stayed at a hotel there. We woke up early, hit Costco, REI, Sierra Trading Post, and then started our drive to the Hoover Wilderness. Our trip had a few wrenches thrown into it before we even arrived. Hoover Wilderness was experiencing some late snowfall. We had to change our plans a little bit. We would spend two nights car camping, and then two nights in the back country.


I was a little disappointed at the idea of car camping…this was supposed to be a HARDCORE back country trip!! But after two nights of car camping, I am SOLD. We had beer, wine, and delicious dinners. Car camping is my new favorite thing! We also strung our hammocks all through the trees surrounding our campsite. Oh and did I mention there were bathrooms?! Albeit, not the nicest bathrooms in the world, but also not a bush outside.


The first night we drove to the Whoa Nellie Diner, which we have visited before. It is a DELICIOUS little spot right on Mono Lake…it just happens to be inside a Mobile Gas Station. We had a good meal, beers, and just enjoyed the nice weather. When we returned we sat around the campfire and made smores!


The next morning we embarked on a big hike. I was under the impression the hike to Barney Lake was 4 miles round trip…nope turned out it was 8 miles round trip. It was a HARD hike on me mentally. It just kept going and going, and I thought it would never end. The beginning of the hike was fairly easy, we went through wide open fields and slowly climbed in elevation. Then we hit some switchbacks going straight up. I wanted to cry…I did cry.


Mid climb, I had a mini meltdown. I thought I was going to pass out, throw up, or all of the above. If you havent learned yet, I am not the best uphill hiker…and I get a tad bit of anxiety while doing it. I hate the thought of slowing everyone down. Once I sat down I was able to calm myself down. I told the group I was staying put and would meet them when they came  back. Don our guide convinced me to continue going, and I am so thankful he did. The lake was SPECTACULAR. To this day, I still can’t believe how perfect it looked in person. The ice cold water felt wonderful on my feet. We picnicked at the lake, and took a little rest. The hike down was MUCH easier in comparison…no tears going this direction.


Did I mention, this all happened on my 26th birthday eve? Pretty amazing way to spend it! I would ring in my actual birthday in the backcountry! We returned to our luxurious car camping spot and had tortellini and chicken with RED WINE. The stars that night were spectacular and I tried my hand at capturing the stars. This was our last night car camping, we were packing up in the morning to head into the backcountry!



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