Teaching Mission Day 2

Teaching MissionDay 2

These entries are taken directly from my personal journal kept during the trip

This morning I woke up to a rooster outside my window at 3 am…I miraculously fell back asleep until 7:30. I do not think I have ever slept so well…especially in such an uncomfortable bed and LOUD bed. Seriously every time I moved it made the loudest sound!! My poor bunkmates! But I was so tired it didn’t even phase me.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.31.59 PM

horse spotted on our hike

Breakfast was toast with an egg cooked in the middle and oatmeal. I swear oatmeal in the D.R. is a million times better than oatmeal when I cook it. After breakfast our group met for EVER to finalize plans for the week. 9 teachers collaborating to teach other teachers is VERY stressful, lots of different opinions…but we eventually finished and packed up all our supplies.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.32.44 PM

My favorite picture, because in the lower left you can see La Cucarita

Lunch was chicken, beans and rice PLUS fried eggplant! So yummy. After our big lunch we embarked on a big hike to a cross up at the top of the mountain. It was a very tricky hike straight up a rocky road…the same steep road the kids and teachers take to school every day…The entire time we had a spectacular view. The hike was tough, but I knew the view would be worth the hard work. Seriously, when will I learn to get in shape???

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.32.08 PM

that view.

We took a TON of pictures and it was nice to have our entire group together for this special moment. Walking back down was a nice bonding for our group. We chatted the whole way down, stopping frequently to talk with the locals. I met one beautiful little girl I had spotted on the way up. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen!

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.32.33 PM

Jessica my FABULOUS photographer!

Since it was Sunday, we attended a prayer service in the chapel. There is not a permanent priest in the small town, but a man came and led the service. I have always loved seeing how different cultures interpret religions. Music was an INTEGRAL part of the service and I loved every second of it…even if the entire thing was in Spanish!

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.32.56 PM

After dinner I played a new dice game with Daniel, Gretchen, Becca, and Maribel. Later TeAni came over with her adorable daughters Brittani and Tiffani. Brittani has already wiggled her way in my heart. She loves taking pictures, making movies on my phone, and she LOVES to sing Adele’s Hello.

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 8.33.25 PM


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