Teaching Mission Dominican Republic

Teaching Mission

I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to get to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. My principal was in a meeting a few weeks before the trip and they were searching for a few more teachers to join the trip. She knew how much I had been wanting to go on a mission trip so she instantly texted me. I remember getting the text and INSTANTLY responding yes. This was before I knew any details at all. It was going to be a week long trip away from my students, and I had to attend a meeting that Sunday!

When I met with the group Sunday I was so nervous. This trip sounded very intense. I was expecting going to the Domincan Republic and teaching cute little kiddos English…that was not what we were doing. We were leading Teacher in services to train the teachers of the region. I speak very little Spanish so I was VERY nervous.

Below is the video Recap of my trip! In the days to come I will be sharing my journal entries from the trip. They are very personal and close to my heart. We had quite an incredible trip with a lot of ups and a couple downs, including a medical emergency.  Stay tuned to read all about the WONDERFUL experience I had in the beautiful mountain region of the Dominican Republic.

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