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If you remember my post from last year, you know I am not the biggest fan on the whole “New Year, New You” My thoughts are still the same, I do not think we should wait for one day to CHANGE everything. That being said, I am taking my time off from work to think a lot about my life and some aspects I would like to improve. Each time a new year comes along, I always hope for it to be even better than the one before. I am very excited for some of the adventures I already have lined up for this upcoming year.

So what do I have planned for the 2016 year? Well…below are the FIVE goals I am challenging myself to.

  1. Take at LEAST one trip each month. This is number one for a reason, it is the most fun goal I have for the year! AND blog about it in a timely manner…I am still behind! ahh! Follow along on instagram (sarahelen6590 personal, sarasmiles365 blog).
  2. READ MORE, I have a giant stack of books waiting to be read. Follow along with me on Goodreads
  3. Be more Active, aka exercise more. I feel like this is a “resolution” every year…but I have a lot of intense trips coming up and I want to be ready for them.
  4. Cook More, I am 25…I think it is time I learn to cook. Santa brought me a cookbook…so I think that was a wake up call.
  5. Step outside of my comfort zone, this can be taken in many different ways. I definitely want to go out more, be a little more social, take some risks, etc.

Do you have any areas of your life you are looking to improve in the New Year? Leave them in the comments section below!

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