Walking in Memphis

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My baby brother Matthew is currently a senior at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee. He graduates in May, and the plan was to head out then to visit. Unfortunately, I am going to be in a wedding the same weekend of his graduation. I knew I wanted to visit before his four years were up!

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Rhodes College

Family weekend proved to be the perfect excuse for a quick weekend trip to Memphis. My parents have both been up to visit several times, so they were the experts on our trip. I really did not do any research before heading up. It was kind of nice to just tag along and have everything planned out. This trip was mostly visiting with Matthew, and eating.

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Matthew picked us up from the airport and we headed for a quick driving tour of campus. We ended up at his adorable house right off of the campus. Seriously, this kid is living the life. His house is nicer than mine and I am a ‘grown up’. Matthew had one class so we headed to lunch without him. We went to a little place called The Local. It was very laid back and chill. They even had SEC network on, so we got to watch an old Gator game while we ate. They had a wide selection of beers and classic bar food.

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our view from the hotel

We then headed to our hotel which was right by the Mississippi River. We stayed at a Springhill Suites, and the location was perfect. You could walk to the river, as well as Beale Street. We walked to dinner at McEwen’s, my parents and brother’s favorite spot. We met up with Matthew and a big group of his friends for a delicious dinner. After dinner we wandered down to Beale Street. We really didn’t go anywhere on Beale, but we walked down the street taking in the sights. It really reminded me of New Orleans. The main reason I wanted to walk on Beale was so I could capture a photo “Walking with my feet, 10 feet off of Beale.” We were pretty wiped from a long day of travel, so we headed back to the hotel fairly early. Before getting back to the hotel we stopped at the Madison Hotel for a drink on their rooftop bar!

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The next morning we woke up for a walk along the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, I was fighting a nasty cold, so I was not the more pleasant person during our walk. The weather was overcast, and that just fed into my bad attitude. haha!

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We then made our way back to campus for Family Day events. These included a tailgate at Matthew’s fraternity house, a football game, and a tour of the campus. It was really nice to finally meet some of Matthew’s college friends.

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 The campus is absolutely spectacular. It is a very small school, which made touring the campus very easy. I still can’t believe this is where my baby brother goes to school. The above picture is from the library!

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We made our way to the football field, and WOW…talk about a night and day change when compared to the college football I am used to. I literally walked right onto the field. I am used to college football games with 90,000 screaming fans. This felt more like a high school football game.

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We left campus to go to a restaurant called The Beauty Shop. This restaurant is in an old beauty shop. It is really cool because you can sit in the dryer chairs! The cocktails here were fabulous. I had one that was fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and vodka…SO GOOD.

We finished the night at the boys house watching football and grilling. It was a nice, relaxing weekend exploring this new town my brother has called home for the past four years! I have a feeling I will be back soon!


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