sarasmiles365.comThis blog post should probably be called “Eat, Walk, Eat, Walk” because that is pretty much all I did during this trip. I flew up to Atlanta to visit my BEST friend Amanda for the holiday weekend. Amanda has been my friend since elementary school. I have visited her in Atlanta several times, but I had yet to visit her new apartment. It is located right on the Belt Line in the Inman Park area. I fell in love with this new location. It has little aspects of all my favorite big cities…fair warning this is a very random post…filled with lots of random pictures. image1

When I first arrived at Amanda’s she had a Chocolate Sea Salt King of Pops waiting for me in her freezer. King of Pops is a local popsicle shop that has BLOWN up since my last visit! IT WAS DELICIOUS! Also how amazing is her chalkboard?? She changes it up all the time!


Amanda lives right near the Belt Line, which pretty much connects ALL of Atlanta together (well most of it) We took it everywhere. Above is a picture of a Tinydoor, it is an art installment. There are Tinydoors all over the Beltline! There are two amazing markets near Amanda. The first one we visited was Krog Street Market. We wandered around a few of the shops and decided on Fred’s Meat and Bread for lunch…which has the most amazing french fries I have ever tasted in my entire life…and I have eaten a good amount of french fries :)!


Amanda has a rescue dog Atticus, who is the most lovable dog on the planet. He is HUGE but he thinks he is a lap dog. We took him along for any of our adventures that allowed dogs. I loved/hated our walk to Old Fourth Ward Park…this Florida girl is never prepared for hills. I was DYING. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw the aftermath. To be fair, we were not very prepared for the walk and brought NO WATER and NO MONEY! But we survived, and Atticus photobombed me…(ignore my awkward face).


My college roommate (and Amanda’s) also lives in Atlanta with her husband Chris. We met up with them for dinner at a little place called Bar Taco.


(quality Snapchat photo courtesy of Brittany)

It was right across from Amanda’s apartment. I really loved the outdoor patio, and the lighting! The tacos were also amazing…Baja Fish all the way!


Did I mention they had WATERMELON beer?? That just happened to be from the same place Amanda and I visited in San Francisco?? 21st Amendment. We were a tad excited…but the coolest thing about ordering a can of beer here? THEY BRING YOU A COOZIE! (I love coozies)


The next morning we drove about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta to Sweetwater Creek State Park. There was a short hike to some Civil War ruins. Our short hike turned into a 4 mile trek across rocks and trees…but it was SO MUCH FUN!


After our hike, we headed back into the city to meet with my Big and her fiance Blake for lunch! We visited her GIANT apartment…I had serious closet envy visiting her, and then went to a yummy little pizza place nearby. It was so nice to see my Big, because I am going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding come May!

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 9.12.37 PM

We then met up with Brittany and Chris at Ponce City Market, which is much larger than Krog Street. None of the food restaurants were open yet, but I was checking them out online and I WILL be visiting when they are open. A lot of the stores were open, so we did some shopping. Amanda wanted to take us to Dancing Goats, a coffee shop with the best cold brewed coffee according to Amanda…I had iced tea (lame) so I am not sure if it is the best, but I definitely trust Amanda’s opinion on coffee.


We finished with dinner at Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall. Ladybird located on the Beltline, so we all walked to dinner. They have a great big outdoor patio looking over the Beltline. There was a bit of a wait, and we ended up sitting inside. The menu might have been my favorite part of the restaurant. It was laid out like a survival guide, and when you opened it up it was a MAP. The explorer in me LOVED IT! I was a tad disappointed with my burger, but the drinks and dessert made up for it. I had a Watermelon Vodka drink that was DELICIOUS…and DESSERT I am still dreaming about. I got the triple chocolate s’mores…I can’t even explain how good this dessert was…life changing.


It was definitely a JAM packed weekend, but I loved getting to explore a new part of Atlanta and catch up with old friends. I will definitely be back in Atlanta in May for my Big’s wedding…but I would love to get back up there when the trees change! And I will end this post with my FAVORITE new saying (from the coozie from Ladybird) EAT. DRINK. EXPLORE.


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