upcoming travels 

hi all! I hope you enjoyed my backpacking posts! I still have one more trip to post about…The Abacos…a much more RELAXING trip! 

I have several trips lined up in the next few weeks! If anyone has any recommendations for the following cities please leave them in the comments! 

Planned Trips:

1. Atlanta: visiting my best friend Amanda for Labor Day weekend! I have been to ATL before but I am so excited to be back! Currently typing this in the airport!

2. Austin, TX: this has been on my list forever! I am going with my friend Caitlin and we already have the longest list of restaurants to try. I am not sure how we will get to them all!

3. Memphis: visiting my baby brother for his family weekend! He’s a senior at Rhodes College, and I am not going to be able to go to his graduation (bridesmaids duties) so I wanted to make sure to visit before he graduated!

Trips I am working on:

1. Nashville: my good friend Chelsie and I want to plan a weekend trip to Nashville. 

2. Seattle or Portland: spring break trip!!! I have a week to travel and I have been wanting to revisit both these places!

3. THE BIG ONE: Ireland, London, Iceland, and maybe Amsterdam!!!!!!!!! My Biffle is a teacher too so I think our plan is to travel ALL June! If you know me you know Ireland has been on my list forever! 
Please leave any travel tips for these places in the comments! 


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