Backpacking in Yosemite: Part 4


We woke up our last morning, and I hate to say it I was ready to get back to civilization. I was SO ready to stop eating freeze dried food. The whole hike down we were planning different meals we could bring on our next adventure that would taste better than the freeze-dried meals.


We hiked down the John Muir Trail, because we didn’t want to be on the overcrowded Mist Trail carrying our GIANT packs. Even though the trail was mostly downhill, there were still some tricky uphill parts! The downhill was also VERY steep, which is very difficult when carrying your pack!


The majority of the hike down was spent passing day hikers…It made us feel so legit carrying all of our stuff, and looking rough! Like I mentioned before the hike was hard, a lot harder than I expected it to be. It didn’t help that we were all daydreaming of the first thing we wanted to eat when we were done!


The prettiest part of the hike was along the Falls. We got a great family shot with Nevada Falls behind us.We then made it to the Mist Trail where we REALLY encountered the mass tourists. This is one of the most hiked trails in Yosemite. This was when I got FRUSTRATED with all the stupid people hiking. Seriously, here I am with my GIANT PACK, and you are letting your kids run freely on a trail that just happens to be right near a giant waterfall.


The worst part of this day was reaching the end of the trail. At this point you are SO READY to be done…but we still had to hike another 1/2 mile to the car! When we finally made it back to the car our first stop was the market in Yosemite Valley. We stocked up on chips and beer…and I had been DYING for a Blue Gatorade. I almost cried when I couldn’t find one! Seriously, being in Yosemite Valley after being up in the backcountry was the WORST. There were SO MANY PEOPLE. It was a big contrast to the quietness of the backcountry.


We drove to a more secluded place to unpack our gear and say goodbye to Don and John. Don was the BEST guide we could have had…he got us each these fun stickers (I love stickers) and a pin (I collect pins). They were great little mementos from an amazing trip! We enjoyed some beers and started planning our next trip!

We drove back to San Francisco and stayed outside of the city in San Mateo. We made the mandatory stop at In N Out Burger (Chelsie had never been!). We destroyed the hotels hot tub and cleaned up! We enjoyed the most amazing dinner, it was so nice to eat a REAL meal!

I can’t WAIT until our next backpacking adventure!

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