My New Business Adventure + Summer Giveaway!

Well hello there! Please excuse this random post in the middle of all my travel posts! I promise I will be updating shortly. Many of you know I spend my year teaching in order to make a living. I am also sure many of you know how little teachers get paid…which makes my love of travel a very painful thing. There are so many places I want to see and yet it would take me forever to save up enough to get there…so I decided to embark on a new business adventure!


Ever since I can remember I was always into entrepreneurial things. My neighborhood never allowed Lemonade Stands, but each time I visited my best friend Amanda I would FORCE her to set up a Lemonade stand! Little side businesses like this were always fun for me. I think that is why I spent so much of my middle/high school years babysitting…I loved having that little extra bit of money. There is no sweeter feeling than buying something with money you worked HARD to earn!


In late April one of my best friends from work…also named Amanda…began talking about these new skin care products she had been using. It was something called Rodan+Fields and she was absolutely loving it. Just looking at her I could see improvement in her skin. She continued to tell me how she had decided to become a consultant in order to earn a little extra money, and to get the products she loved so much at a cheaper cost. The more she talked about it, the more interested I became.


just a few reasons to become a Consultant!

I have never been one to take skin care seriously. I visit the dermatologist yearly, and each time my acne comes up. Nothing the dermatologist had given me seemed to help…and my acne was never bad enough to require more serious medication. I always thought as I got older the acne would stop…but unfortunately it seemed to get worse. Whenever I was stressed out my face would show it. After hearing how enthusiastic Amanda was about this business venture I decided to give it a go. It would give me a chance to test out my entrepreneurial skills as well as try out some skin care products that had proven results!


I officially became a Rodan+Fields Consultant in May. The past couple months have been spent learning about this business and interacting with my amazing support team. That is one of my favorite aspects of this business…THE TEAM! Our team shares ideas, offers support, and is pretty much always on call to chat if you need it. It is a group of driven and passionate young ladies that are finding HUGE success in this business.



Now, it isn’t just the business aspect I like about this company…it is the PRODUCTS. They WORK. I remember seeing Before/After pictures pop up on my newsfeed before I joined, thinking there was no way they were real…and before I knew it the Before/After pictures were coming from girls ON MY TEAM. These results are REAL and come from REAL people! The best thing about Rodan+Fields is that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee! You can send back EMPTY Bottles for a refund if you aren’t happy with the products! text here

Interested in trying out these AMAZING products? Well today is your lucky day! I am currently hosting a little Summer Giveaway to give one of my fabulous readers a chance to try out some of my favorite Rodan+Fields Summer Products. The winner of the contest will get the Body Sunscreen, Lip Shield Sunscreen, and a Mini Facial Kit! Click the image above to enter! Also feel free to email me to get more information about this amazing company!

Contest US Only!


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