Hiking in L.A.

Hiking in

Exactly a month after I returned from my epic Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip, I was heading back to the west coast. My grandma was receiving a special award at her church so the family flew out to support her! While we were there we decided to do a couple hikes to get ourselves ready for our BIG summer hiking trip.


The first hike we did was near Malibu. Escondido Falls. Amanda and I had wanted to do this during our road trip but we unfortunately ran out of time. I persuaded my parents to do this hike, by promising the best lunch of their lives at Malibu Farms! It was a very easy hike, but unfortunately the water fall was practically dried up…stupid drought! Check out the short video I made of our hike below…

The second hike we did was Eaton Canyon Falls. This might be the most popular hike in all of L.A. I have never SEEN so many people on a trail. Sadly, the trail was littered with trash, which made the hike a little less special. Fortunately, at the end of the hike was a beautiful waterfall (and about 100 people admiring it). It was a nice hike, I recommend going EARLY on a weekday to do this hike and hopefully you can avoid the Saturday crowds!

These are just two of the MANY hikes offered in L.A. I can’t wait to go back and hike a few more trails!



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