Pacific Coast Highway: Ending the Trip in LA


We cruised down the coast to San Diego for a little reunion with our good friend Mariah! Unfortunately we did not get to spend as much time as I would’ve hoped in San Diego. We really only went to dinner and drove to Coronado Springs in the morning…then it was time to head to L.A.


I was really excited to get to L.A. (well Glendale specifically) because we would be staying with my Grandma! The night we arrived we were taking her to see The Newsies at the historic Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I saw The Newsies in Orlando back in November and was OBSESSED. When I saw that it was the visiting show at the Pantages I knew we had to go! Trust me, if it comes to your town splurge and buy tickets. IT IS THE BEST!


The next day we woke up early and decided to drive around. We ended up at the LACMA…it wasn’t quite open yet so we decided to just walk around the grounds. There are several exhibits set up around that you can see without paying for admission. The big one we wanted to see were the lights. The lights can be seen in many popular movies!


After our refined morning full of art, we headed to my favorite place in L.A. Griffith Park Observatory. In all my years visiting L.A. I had never been inside…so we made sure to plan to arrive later in the day when it was open. Being completely honest, I like it better first thing in the morning. The place is EMPTY, except for a few runners here and there…you get the place to yourself. When we got there we had a very difficult time getting up to the Observatory. The parking lot was closed and people were parking miles and miles down the road.


We followed the GPS into this little neighborhood with a BIG sign seen above, yet right below that big scary sign was a paper with instructions on how to get to the observatory. We took a steep and short hike up and made it in one piece.


We ended our day at Salt & Straw, a little ice cream place we discovered on…INSTAGRAM…got to love social media during travels! It had a line out the door, but was worth every second of the wait. I tried an Avocado Raspberry Sorbet, YUM!


The next morning I flew out SUPER early! I had the most amazing time exploring the Pacific Coast Highway! It is a trip everyone should do…especially with a best friend!


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