Namaste Nepal

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The world continues to amaze me with the numerous amount of kind-hearted people always willing to lend a hand when a crisis occurs. It seems in today’s world we are all too familiar with tragedy. When tragedy strikes, people are usually quick to react…They send donations, prayers and support…but after a few weeks pass by and the tragedy works its way out of the news people assume the tragedy is over. This is simply not the case…

my good friend Melissa took the photo on the left during her trip to Nepal (source)

A few weeks ago, the country of Nepal was hit by a terrible earthquake. The people of Nepal are still struggling to put their lives back together. The earthquake has devastated their country and there are thousands of people desperately in need of water, food and aid. Just yesterday another earthquake hit Nepal leaving the already struggling country in even more trouble. The people in Nepal need all the help they can get.

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Melissa in Nepal (via Ocean_Wishes Instagram)

My good friend Melissa just returned from Nepal after spending six weeks volunteering in a local orphanage and teaching primary school in Pokhara. To raise money for relief efforts, she coordinated a fundraiser and designed the amazing shirt you can see below. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross’s disaster relief fund for Nepal and you get a shirt for every $25 donated! Check out the snippet from the website below…I absolutely love the thought she put into designing this beautiful shirt. 

11116095_10153381267408083_633375790_nOur outreach: Nepal is very dear to my heart. We, at Ocean Wishes plan to do everything we can to support the Nepal disaster relief efforts. I have designed a shirt that Ocean Wishes will be selling in order to raise recover relief funds for Nepal. The prayer hands represent the Nepali culture and the loving lives they need. Lets come together and make a difference for this beautiful country. Proceeds will be going to the Red Cross to support all of their work and assistance in Nepal. We greatly appreciate all donations, large or small, for the “Namaste Nepal” fundraiser. For each $25 donated, you will receive a custom designed, high quality “Namaste Nepal” T-shirt. Once your donation is submitted you will be emailed for size and shipping information. Please click PayPal for all credit cards or Paypal payments.

If you are interested in donating and receiving this beautiful T-Shirt CLICK HERE! 


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