Pacific Coast Highway: Hearst Castle

STAMPOne of the stops we had planned before embarking on our road trip was the Hearst Castle. Amanda had visited here before and said it was a must stop. Yet again we were treated to another spectacular day! I honestly think my pictures alone will convince you to visit this spectacular “castle”


This is the Neptune Pool, which is usually filled with water and looking much prettier. I was a little bummed it was empty…but it is still pretty spectacular! 10712748_10204397362629956_1560285587113102042_n

Plus who cares if your pool is empty when this is your view?? Hearst Castle has the main building as well as several “cottages” all sharing this incredible view. 10957000_10204397361029916_7887257120438966258_n

I really loved the exterior of the building. It had a very Mediterranean feel to it, which just fit perfectly with the towering palm trees. One of the coolest parts of the tour was the last stop…the movie theater. They play a short film showing life at Hearst Castle! Did you know William Hearst had a ZOO on this property? Guests would be riding up to the main house and pass Zebras, Giraffes and other exotic animals.11082498_10204397364229996_3466342135063063499_n

Since the Neptune Pool was empty..this was my favorite. The Indoor Swimming Pool was SO GRAND! The blue tile made the water look so inviting. If I was allowed to dive in, I totally would. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tempted to just GO FOR IT…but alas I would rather not end up in jail.

Of course I had to have a little fun with all the statues scattered around the grounds. Once our tour was done we were free to explore outside. The best part of doing the FIRST tour is that the grounds are EMPTY when you explore. 11121766_10204397362429951_7136750255037154549_n

This is one of the “cottages” guests could stay in back in William Hearst’s days. Sign me up! I want to live here. 11136711_10204397138784360_7224992763311930751_nVisiting in the spring time was also ideal because the flowers were BLOOMING. The whole grounds was so well kept. Flowers, succulents and fruit trees were all over the place. I bet the people who visited Hearst Castle in their day were BLOWN away by its majesty.


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