Pacific Coast Road Trip: 17 Mile Scenic Drive, Point Lobos, and Big Sur


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After Point Reyes National Seashore we continued down the coast with a JAM PACKED DAY.We started the day with the 17 Mile Scenic Drive in Monterey. This drive is infamous to the Pacific Coast Highway.


The drive takes you along the coast with many incredible view.


When you reach the entrance you pay a fee and get a map marking all the important stops along the way. This day kept my camera VERY busy! The drive also lets you get a little peak at some of the most incredible houses I have ever seen.


The next stop we visited was Point Lobos. I had never heard of this State park but Amanda and I discovered it while researching the trip. We followed many others and parked outside of the park. Parking is limited, and it saves you money if you park outside! Parking outside requires you to walk a pretty good distance into the park, but it really isn’t too bad. DSCN2805

My favorite part of this was the mama otter and baby otter we spotted! It was so cute to watch them just chilling in the little bay. Another cool thing about Point Lobos? You can scuba dive! How crazy would is be to spot seals while scuba diving!?

DSCN2838After Point Lobos we cruised down through Big Sur. This was probably some of the prettiest driving of the entire trip. Be sure to watch for the infamous Bixby Bridge. It is an iconic image associated with the Pacific Coast Highway. Amanda and I were so worried we would miss it, but you will spot it before you get to it.


A little further down the road is McWay falls. Parking here is EXTREMELY tricky. You can pay to enter the state park, but there are spots along the road. We were lucky enough to arrive right as someone was pulling out. The falls are a short walk away. I was extremely peeved to see people stupidly climbing down to the beach near the falls. There were plenty of signs warning against it, and no clear trail…yet we watched several people stumble their way onto the pristine beach. so annoyed.


Our day ended with the most amazingly perfect stop! As we neared our hotel we kept seeing signs for no parking along the coast due to seal activity. We spotted a few seals here and there just relaxing on the beach. When we found a pullout we pulled in to check our luck. Turns out this was the place to be. There were HUNDREDS of seals piled on the beach soaking up the sun. Watching them was HILARIOUS! They were definitely living the life.

DSCN2877After an extremely long day we finally made it to our hotel for the night!


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