Point Reyes National Seashore: Road Trip Detour


About an hour north of San Francisco you will find Point Reyes National Seashore. Driving into the small town you will feel like you are in another country.


Giant cliffs drop down to the crashing waves, and in the distance you might be lucky enough to see a grey whale! Of all the stops during our road trip this was EASILY my favorite. We started by venturing in to the visitor’s center to find a map of the park.


From there we wandered down the winding roads finding ourselves cruising along the cliffs. The vibrantly green fields were scattered with black and white dairy cows. Every moment of our day was picture worthy.


The first big stop was a ship wreck on a small lagoon on the way to Drake’s Beach. There was the perfect log for a little photoshoot…so here are the road trip buddies! After this we continued our drive to another visitor center. Due to it being whale season, visitors must ride a shuttle to the lighthouse and Chimney Rock.

DSCN2730Our first stop on the shuttle was the lighthouse. It is about a 1/4 mile hike to the actual lighthouse and then about a 300 steep climb down to the lighthouse. Going down was easy…climbing back up was TOUGH. BRING A JACKET! The winds can get really bad on the point. The rangers will even close the winds if they get past a certain point. This was where we were treated to several sightings of GREY WHALES. SPECTACULAR. One whale was so close to shore you could see it through the water and make out its tail. Possibly the best moment of the trip.


After our breathtaking views at the lighthouse we made our way to Chimney Rock. There is a 3 mile hike here…we opted out of this given the day was almost over. Instead we wandered down a short trail to see the Elephant Seals in the cove.


After making it back to the visitor center we wandered into the small town of Point Reyes for a snack. I definitely recommend the Bovine Bakery…BEST COOKIES EVER! Try the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal.


It was a spectacular day spent in nature. This is a place I had never heard of until our trip, and yet I am astounded that more people do not visit Point Reyes. If you find yourself on the West Coast add this stop to your list!

P.S. Check out where the Park Rangers live…SIGN ME UP! IMG_9299

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