Pacific Coast Road Trip: San Francisco


The first stop along our epic road trip was San Francisco. We flew into the city and hit the ground running…literally! Our flight landed around 9:30, we took the BART (metro) to the hotel, dropped our bags and started the walk down to the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is a giant indoor market, and it also happened to have a giant farmer’s market happening outside.


From the Ferry Building we wandered down along the water until we came to Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf is probably the place most people have heard of…but honestly it was my least favorite place in San Francisco. TALK ABOUT A TOURIST TRAP. I literally felt like I was at a theme park. Amanda and I did a quick loop, and did eat lunch there. We were starving. Luckily, the food was surprisingly delicious (and only a tad overpriced).

fishnchipsMy favorite part of Fisherman’s Wharf is the SEALS. They all just hang out by the pier. Later in the trip we were treated to some much better views of seals, but for a girl from Florida seeing seals not in a theme park is pretty cool.


After lunch we planned on renting bikes and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a PERFECT day. You could see the bridge from Fisherman’s Wharf. Last time I was in SF, I couldn’t see the bridge! I was thrilled that the day was so clear. We rented bikes from a place called Blazing Saddles. It was very easy, we made the reservations online (you get a discount if you do this!) They show you a short video with directions across the bridge, and give you a ferry ticket so you can ferry back from Sausilito.

DSCN2623We were warned there would be two hills along this bike ride, a small one and a big one. To us Floridians these hills were like MOUNTAINS! Needless to say we walked our bike up most of the hill…and we were definitely not the only ones walking our bikes.

DSCN2649The views were definitely worth the challenge. I honestly could not have imagined a more perfect view of the the Golden Gate Bridge. Riding across the bridge was a tad scary for someone who is terrified of heights, but also a super cool experience. Once across the bridge we rode into Sausalito, and only got a little lost.ferry

We made it to the ferry and we were surprised to find a GIANT line of bikers waiting to get on the ferry. We had to wait for THREE ferries before we finally got on one! Luckily we made friends with the people in front of us in line. The other perk? It meant we got a little sunset cruise back to the Ferry Building.


Sadly, we only had one day in San Francisco so once we returned the bikes we caught an UBER and had the driver bring us to a restaurant near the hotel. Our UBER driver was the BEST ever! So funny and so nice, you never know what kind of UBER driver you will get in a big city, so I was very relieved to have an AWESOME experience. We ate dinner at a place called the 21st Amendment. Delicious food and COLD beer! The perfect end to the perfect day.

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