Adventure is Waiting

I am sorry I have been completely MIA for the past month…I feel like Feb/March are always my worst months for blogging. Don’t fret! You will be inundated with posts in the next few weeks.

The epic California best friend road trip starts tomorrow. My flight leaves at 5:20 AM (ugh what was I thinking) but that gets me to San Francisco around 10 am! The best past is my best friend (coming from Atlanta) and I both connect in Charlotte and end up on the same flight.

via VOGUE I wish we were renting a convertible so we could get a picture like this…but they were insanely expensive and we are both trying to be budget friendly.

I am flying U.S. Airways, and I have to admit yesterday I was furious with them. My flight home was bumped from 12:40 PM to 5:56 AM. Talk about a change. Thankfully, I called U.S. Airways and the woman I spoke to was the sweetest person ever. She switched me onto a direct flight a little later. Currently they are winning in the customer service department!

Our game plan is to explore San Fran Saturday (we have both been there before). Sunday morning we are waking up early and embarking on our drive down the coast. We will get to San Diego on Wednesday to see our good friend Mariah! Then we drive back to LA for Thursday and Friday to see my Grandma! Thursday we are taking her to see The Newsies at the Pantages and I am so excited.

Okay, starting to ramble…I am not bringing my computer so posts will probably be delayed…but follow me on Instagram for FREQUENT updates!


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