Florida Hikes: Spring Hammock Preserve

Are you ready for the next adventure in Florida hiking? Well this next one was definitely exciting. My coworker Shannon and I decided to use our day off(President’s Day) for hiking. I visited my favorite website Florida Hikes to look for some nearby hikes. We found Spring Hammock preserve. It looked beautiful on the website and offered a 3 mile hike.

Video of our day

It took us a while to get there due to a little directions mishap. When we arrived we somehow missed the turn off for the environmental center as well as the trail head…so for about the first twenty minutes Shannon and I just made our own hike following tiny little trails . Each trail somehow ended and we were forced to turn around. We FINALLY found the trail (which honestly wasn’t that hard to find, we were just struggling his day)

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 5.02.24 PMShannon successfully crossing the tree

We picked the Osprey Trail and also did the Hydrick Loop. The trail itself is very large and wide. We were treated to lush green growth and the trail followed along a creek. Shannon and I decided to be adventurous and attempt to cross fallen trees over the creek (this resulted in me landing in the mud…serves me right for wandering off the trail)!

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 4.44.43 PMfalling into the mud

The trail brings you to a beautiful aqua blue pond called the Question Pond. It was such a surprise because the pond literally jumps right out at you. It is the most spectacular blue color.

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 4.51.51 PMQuestion Pond

The trail ends at a boardwalk that leads out to Lake Jesup,  it unfortunately was boarded off and closed. We continued a little farther down the trail and ended up in some SERIOUSLY muddy trails. We eventually had to turn around because the trail turned into straight up muddy water.

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 4.46.18 PMclosed

It was definitely a perfect short hike. I think kids would love this. The local schools actually come on a field trip here for a mud walk. Can’t wait to figure out which hike will be next!

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 4.46.41 PM

my shoes will never be the same


3 thoughts on “Florida Hikes: Spring Hammock Preserve

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Sara! Just started following your blog today–I LOVE this post! I grew up in Central Florida and this post made me SO nostalgic. I still remember doing the mud walk in 4th grade–best day ever!

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