Live Colorfully: The Color Run


Our entire group!

I love discovering fun new races. As much as I hate running, I love doing races. Ironic I know. I have finally discovered the KEY to racing Sara style…do it with kids! They get tired…which creates the perfect excuse to walk! haha! Plus it is so much fun to do races with my favorite students and their families! The kiddos kept hitting me on the back leaving handprints…I told them it was the only time they could hit their teacher!


Wish these kiddos were still in my class! 

After doing the Savage Run with this wonderful group, we all decided to find a race for the kiddos. We settled on the Color Run and it was the perfect choice. This race was SO MUCH FUN!


pre color, plus someones thumb

We started by arriving at the race 30 minutes early and we were greeted to quite the set up. Stages were set up with performances happening, there were people everywhere, and tons of sponsor booths all around.


Second Grade Team

After wandering around we made our way to the start line. We had to wait a good 15 minutes to make it to the start line. They release groups in waves. We were in the fifth wave released.


waiting to start

Every so often we would come to a different color. There 4 color stops and finally a glitter stop. It was so fun to run through and get COVERED in the color powder. It is a chalk like substance.


almost to the finish line

The most fun was after crossing the finish line you were handed a color packet. The kids LOVED these and were throwing them all over the place. I think I got more color on me AFTER the race than during it!


my training team!

If you are looking for a fun and easy 5k I definitely recommend The Color Run! It is such a wonderful race! You can’t help but have a great time…I honestly didn’t even feel like I did 3 miles!


so much color powder

Check out the video of the race below



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