Rosemary Beach: Pictures and Video

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I have lived in Florida almost my entire life and I had never been to Rosemary Beach. I went last weekend with our wonderful family friends to help take care of their two kids. WOW. This place is incredible. Being from Florida I have seen my fair share of beaches and the only place I can think of that trumps Rosemary is the Bahamas…which is not always the most feasible place to visit.


Alys Beach

Rosemary Beach is a quaint little seaside town in the Panhandle of Florida. I flew into Panama City Beach (which was a long journey in itself…) and then took a short drive to Rosemary. Once in Rosemary you are within driving (or biking) distance of several other adorable little beach towns. We found ourselves eating many meals in Seaside and Watercolor.


our morning view

The family I was with takes this trip each summer and is often greeted by crowds of beach visitors. We discovered the winter is the time to go. All the towns had just enough people visiting to keep it lively, but you did not have to fight for a parking spot, nor a place on the beach.


MA had all the space in the world to run 

Onto the beach. The white sand of the beach is some of the softest sand I have ever felt. I am not exaggerating when I say it felt like I was walking on pillows. Being January, I did not venture into the water…but it was all beautiful nonetheless. We quite enjoyed spending our afternoons sitting on the beach, taking long walks and looking for seashells, and testing our luck at fishing.


just one of the amazing things we found

My favorite time of day would have to be the sunset. I am so used to visiting beaches on the East coast of Florida, where we do not get the joy of witnessing sunsets over the beach. During our time in Rosemary I watched the most SPECTACULAR sunset. I can’t put into words the vast variety of colors that painted the sky. My pictures may make the sunset look great…but it was a 100 times more amazing in person.


watching the sunset with C

Once the sun set, we were treated to the gift of an amazing starry sky. Whenever we would be outside after dark I would look up and say “OH MY GOD.” Thousands upon Thousands of stars streaked across the night sky. I only wish I had brought my Nikon D40 to capture the moment.


Yoga on the Beach with C and MA

The beach isn’t all this town has to offer though…the tiny little town is full of incredible restaurants and tiny boutiques. Rosemary is the perfect place for a family vacation. The older kids in our group were able to safely walk into town and get ice cream. The younger kids enjoyed playing on the beach. The grown ups enjoyed just about everything about this trip!


our house was the one with the crows nest

During our trip I did not meet a meal I didn’t instantly love! I made sure to write down the names of all the restaurants we visited so I could share! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with all my recommendations on Where to Eat in Rosemary!

Check out the sweet little video I made of our trip!


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