Capturing Travel Memories



It is pretty obvious that I love taking pictures. I daily get accused of being an excessive instagrammer while I travel..but I can’t help it. I love capturing the moments as they happen! I am the girl that travels with more than one camera…and has to find purses that are big enough to hold them all. I always travel with multiple camera cards for when I fill one up (happens more frequently than you would think).

So yes, snapping pictures during the trip is great and wonderful…but what do you do with all those memories once you get home? Here are a few ways to save your travel memories for years to come!

  1. Shutterfly Photo Books: I can’t tell you how many Shutterfly photobooks we have in my house from family vacations! Anytime someone is trying to plan a trip my mom busts out all our photo books. I love Shutterfly. The company is great and the process of putting a book together just keeps getting easier. Sign up for their emails because they offer Free Prints and even free books! Also keep an eye on Groupon because they have offers too!
  2. iMovie: I have this application on my computer, ipad, and phone. I can instantly turn my travel photos and video into a movie! I love the trailer option because everything is done for you, all you need to do is simply plug video in. I also LOVE how they turn out!
  3. Old School Prints: I love printing my photographs. I have old school photo albums that I keep pictures in, but I also love to display them. Great conversation starter. Signing up for Shutterfly will get you 50 free prints!
  4. Blog: I love that I can upload my travel memories to this little blog of mine. Whenever I am remicising about old trips I scroll through old trip posts…it is also good to have when giving advice!

What do you do to capture and save travel memories?


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