ENO Obsessed

If you are like me, you have a little bit of holiday money begging to be spent! Well, I have JUST the thing to buy…I am obsessed with mine (hence the title of this blog). I finally splurged and bought a ENO. Some of you may be wondering…What the heck is an ENO? Prepare to spend money, an ENO is the coolest hammock around. Not only is it compact, but it is also incredibly easy to set up, and SUPER comfortable.


I can’t wait to bring this along on my future adventures. Now when I am going places I catch myself looking for trees that are far enough to hang my ENO.

There are tons of similar hammocks out on the market. So why did I choose the ENO? Well here are my reasons…



1. PRICE: I was able to find the SINGLE nest hammock on Amazon for $60. You do need to purchase the straps which range from $19-$30. I purchased these straps and love them

time-lapse but seriously so easy

2. EASE: The hammock is SUPER simple to use. I am not a very patient person so if I can handle this I guarantee ANYONE can do it.


the perfect size
3. SIZE: This hammock is HUGE when you hang it (I seriously think two people can fit in the single nest) and yet when it is all packed up it is the size of a grapefruit. Talk about perfect for a travel lover.


of course I got pink

4. STYLE: I love the many brightly colored options that you can choose for the ENO. It makes laying in it a little more fun!


5. AWESOME COMPANY: I had seen the hammocks all over instagram and done a little research. They come from a super awesome company that really embraces adventure. I definitely recommend following their instagram for some wanderlust worthy shots!

Is anyone else ENO obsessed? If you are interested in getting one check them out on Amazon…I found them to have the best prices (plus you can’t beat PRIME shipping!) Prepare yourselves for MANY more pictures of my beautiful new ENO!


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