My Love/Hate Relationship with New Year’s Eve


Okay confession time, New Year’s Eve may be my least favorite holiday ever. I know I gripe about this every single year…but I just have to reiterate my love/hate relationship with New Year’s Eve. The idea of waiting for one special day to change your life really bothers me. My thoughts are if you don’t like something…do something about it without waiting for the New Year.


I also do not love the idea of having one night where you go out and get DRUNK. I am not, and will most likely never be a big time drinker. Do not get me wrong, I love to have a glass of wine or a good drink with friends but I am not the type of person that enjoys drinking to the point of not remembering. The thought of going OUT on New Year’s Eve just doesn’t sound fun to me at all.


Another thing I do not like about New Year’s Eve is how it gets so romanticized… I blame all the movies I watch…I have yet to have a New Year’s Eve like that from a movie.



Wow. I feel like a total debby downer…I promise I do not hate EVERYTHING about New Year’s Eve…I LOVE the glitter, fireworks and champagne. Any holiday that incorporates those three things has to be pretty awesome. I also enjoy dressing up in a pretty dress for a good time with friends…but I also enjoy wearing comfy clothes and being super low-key for New Year’s Eve. I also enjoy taking the time to look back and reflect on the accomplishments I did during the year. I find it more beneficial than coming up with a list of things to CHANGE…yes of course there are things in my life I would like to change, but I am constantly working on them not waiting for one day to do it.



Luckily this year I have some pretty epic (in my world) plans. I am going to be ringing in the New Year with my good friend Daisy, her three year old Stella and her hubby! We plan on watching Pitch Perfect (Daisy has never seen it) and attempting to stay up till midnight to watch the ball drop…I swear I am an old lady trapped in a 24 year old’s body.


So, despite my love/hate relationship with New Year’s Eve I do want to wish everyone a very happy New Year! Wishing everyone many blessings in the new year.


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