I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

Growing up in Florida I have had my fair share of Christmases in shorts…and I am sorry but that is not my idea of Christmas. I know it is not possible for a white Christmas in Florida, but I compiled a list of my favorite winter trips that would be the IDEAL place to celebrate Christmas.

1. Winter in Yellowstone


Bison in the Park

Nothing, can top this trip! So the only way to get into Yellowstone during the winter is by snowcat or snowmobiling. My family opted for the second option and quite the adventure. The park was magical. It was like we were the first people to ever see the park. Bison and other wildlife wandered right up to us, and we were able to see all the geysers in the park.

2. Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Christmas Eve Snowfall

I actually was lucky enough to spend a Christmas in Steamboat. It was one of the most perfect Christmas mornings ever. We woke up to a fire in the fire place and presents under the tree. We weren’t expecting presents at all! We had been told the trip was the present, so finding a little something under the tree was extra special. Even better when we discovered tickets to watch the Gators win the National Championship!

3. Keystone, Colorado


this is how a Florida girl builds a snowman

We have been to a few different places in Colorado for skiing, but Keystone is my favorite. I snowboarded for about 5 years…and was TERRIBLE. I am not brave enough for this, and every attempt would end up in tears. Despite this, I love being in little ski towns. Keystone has always been my favorite (I actually have the ski map on my childhood bedroom wall). It is a small mountain, and not as intimidating as some larger mountains.

Those are all trips that I have done in the past during the winter, but next I figured I would share my DREAM TRIPS.

1. Northern Lights in Iceland (or anywhere)


Talk about having a mystical white Christmas. I can’t think of anything more spectacular than waking up to a snowy Christmas and being able to see the Northern Lights.

2. Finland


From the research I have done, Finland is the home of Christmas magic and I am a big fan of Christmas magic. Plus, any place I can meet a Reindeer at Christmas time needs to be on my list!

3.  Paris


The City of Light has to be spectacular at Christmas time. If you add twinkling lights to just about anything I fall in love…instantly. I can only imagine how wonderful Paris is at Christmas time… It is on my list of places to return to, so why not make it a winter trip??


This Christmas will be spent in Florida…where it is supposed to be a chilly 66 degrees (I know many of you would consider this warm…) I guess I will just have to keep dreaming of a White Christmas!

 I will be chilling under a palm tree in true Florida Christmas style.

2 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

  1. rebeccamill says:

    I’m going out to Denver right after Christmas to visit my bestfriend, and I feel like that’s an ideal Christmas location, ha! Her family is actually headed out to Steamboat before I arrive, so I’ll have to let you know if you should keep it on your list!

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