Pivotal Living Review

I was a BIG fan of Fitbit fitness trackers, but not a big fan of the price tag that came along with it. I had the Fitbit one but was ready to upgrade to the new Charge that displayed the time and could be worn on the wrist. I just couldn’t justify spending more than $100 on a new fitness tracker when I already had a perfectly suitable one.


Using my new band for the first time

Then I read about Pivotal Living and my entire mindset changed. So the whole concept behind Pivotal Living is that “Smart technology should be accessible, approachable and inexpensive. That’s why Pivotal Living was created – the (some might say “outrageously”) affordable wellness application.” Genius right?! They want to essentially make sure that everyone has the opportunity to START LIVING!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.47.21 PM

So the Pivotal Tracker 1 Activity and Sleep Monitor looks and functions extremely similarly to other fitness bands, but the best part of this amazing band? It cost me $12 ($15 with shipping). You pay $1 a month for the service. They offer a one year warranty on the band, and when your year is up you renew and can get a new band. If you break it down you would have to have your Pivotal Living band for 8 years before you spent $100 on it (which is about the cost of other fitness bands on the market).

IMG_6031Just like other fitness bands on the market, the Pivotal Living comes with an App for Apple Products and will soon release an Android App. The app is very user friendly. It tracks your steps, sleep, distances, calories burned, and your daily percentage!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.48.29 PM

images via Pivotal Living 

My one lesson is to CHARGE it fully before using. I was too excited and had to use it right away before I fully charged it (charge for 60 minutes) therefore I had some issues with syncing it. Once I charged it syncing was quick and easy!

I only have AMAZING things to say about this new find! I think everyone should START LIVING with a Pivotal Tracker today!

RUN DON’T WALK to BUY YOURS NOW! Click to buy a Pivotal Tracker 1 Activity and Sleep Monitor

Seriously can you beat $15 for an amazing Fitness tracker????


4 thoughts on “Pivotal Living Review

    • SaraSmiles365 says:

      Hi! The app is called Pivotal Living …i did see on their twittter they were having some issues with everyone downloading it all at once! Keep checking and if you still cant find it i definitely recommend contacting them via twitter! Thats how i solved my problem :)! Good luck!

    • SaraSmiles365 says:


      If I’m being honest I’m not using it anymore! There was nothing wrong with it, I just kind of stopped wearing it. Then a few months ago I got a Garmin Vivofit and I really love that. It’s very similar to the Pivotal, I just like the app for the Garmin a little more!


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