Sara Helen Photography


If you have visited my blog before, there is a good chance you know I have a passion for photography. It is very rare that you will catch me without my camera…and if you do I guarantee I will at least have my phone for pictures. Ever since I was little I have loved taking pictures. I remember saving all my babysitting money to purchase my first camera (a old school video camera and a chunky nikon). They were my most prized possessions.


I can’t believe I am sharing this…smack in the middle of my awkward phase (which lasted about 10 years) 

Over time I have become a better photographer and I love capturing moments and the world around me. I have been so blessed to have traveled throughout the world. This has resulted in me snapping some pretty great shots.

I love displaying my photographs in my own house, so I thought I would make them available for purchase using Etsy! I tried to pick my favorite shots, and I will be adding more and more! I am pretty new to the whole Etsy thing, but I love shopping there so I am hoping some people might like purchasing some pictures for their own homes! I would love it if you checked out my store! (Shameless plug done)

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.43.44 PM

They are also available on Society6! Check them out here…

I am about to head to the airport for LA…stay tuned for some posts all about my California adventures!


One thought on “Sara Helen Photography

  1. stevetheman18 says:

    Awkward…Pfft! I always was the camera-man at get-togethers with family, I still am. If you have time, check out Northern California, which I think is the most beautiful part of California. Go to IN-N-Out Burgers as well!

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