TOP 5 Travel Websites/Apps

IMG_3431Planning a trip can be stressful, being in a new city can be equally stressful. Thanks to technology there are a million websites and apps out there to make your travel a little less stressful. Less stress means more time to enjoy the trip!

1. Kayak 

Finding a cheap flight is like opening a great present on Christmas morning! There are plenty of great sites dedicated to helping travelers find the best deal on a flight. The one I use most frequently is Kayak. They allow you to compare hundreds of travel sites in one easy search!

2. Airbnb

Airbnb gives you the chance to rent unique accommodations from around the world! The website is very user friendly. Simply enter your desired location and begin browsing! Prices, pictures and reviews are all provided to make choosing the right place a little easier! I love the fact that this website gives you some different options You can rent entire apartments, or even a tree house! Talk about having a unique travel experience!

3. Uber

Okay this should probably be number one on my list. I am a BIG fan of Uber. Uber is an easy way to get around in a new city. Why I like Uber is it is a safer option. Being a young girl safety is always in the front of my mind when traveling. All of the drivers are pre-screened and if their rating drops too low they can no longer drive. Another plus? No cash changes hands! Uber uses your credit card so you don’t have to worry about having enough cash for a taxi. Sign up here and earn credit! 

4. Tripit

My dad is the KING of Tripit, any time we have a family vacation he sends us the itinerary using this website (also an app). Tripit compiles all the important information for your upcoming trip and stores it in ONE place. Flight numbers, hotel confirmations, etc. right at your finger tips!

5. Open Table

Deciding where to eat in a new city can be daunting! You want to be sure to get a taste of the local cuisine, but picking a random restaurant can lead to disaster. I love OpenTable because it helps you make reservations at restaurants. It also provides reviews from users. I used it in NYC and it led to several wonderful dining experiences. (click the link to check out nyc options)

What are your favorite Travel Websites and Apps? 

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