Top 5 Travel Games

I was asked to complete this post by RelayRides a new company that allows you to rent out your car for money! Just like in Monopoly you can get free parking in real life! With Relay Rides you are able to rent out your car while you are gone. RelayRides scans drivers and has a $1 million dollar insurance policy to make sure your car stays safe. Traveling to a new place? You can use RelayRides to RENT a car as well! Rent for a day or a whole week. Search for the perfect car HERE. Currently RelayRides is only offering the Free Parking program in San Francisco, but their airport rentals are across the country! So why should you rent a car from RelayRides as opposed to another company? You can choose between a variety of cars (seriously there are some cool cars to rent!), the prices are 30-40% cheaper, and it is super convenient! Check out their website for more details! It is a VERY interesting concept!
I have never been a big fan of certain games. I have the patience of a 5 year old,
so when it comes to puzzles of any type I’m hopeless! I am a little too competitive for boardgames which results in disappointment when I lose.
When traveling I find there can be a good amount of “down time.” Be it waiting for your plane or driving hours in the car! I am the type of person that needs to be doing something to keep occupied or else I turn into the “HOW MUCH LONGER?!” person! I decided to share a few travel games that I find myself playing in these situations!
Games I do enjoy while traveling are a little unusual than typical travel games. I find that I get carsick/airsick very easily so that gets rid of most puzzles (plus like I said I’m terrible at them)

1. The Alphabet Game perfect for road trips. This game is great for a car full of people! You start with A an the goal is to find the letter on a Billboard or License plate. The goal of the game is to reach Z. The reason I like this game is its a team game and not extremely competitive.

2. Create a Story! Sitting in an airport is the perfect time to people watch. I tend to be quite creative during this boring wait time. I find myself creating back stories for unique people in the airport.

3. Red Herring this is the ONLY game on my phone I truly enjoy. I tried 2048 but have yet to win (so in true Sara fashion I got frustrated and gave up)

4. Word Searches… when car is not moving. This is good for airport sitting time. I love word searches because they are generally not TOO difficult! ha!

5. Card Games it is so simple to pack a deck of cards into your bag and there are SO many ways to have fun with them!

 While working on this post I decided to GOOGLE travel games to see what the market was offering and was so surprised to see that many of my childhood favorites are being offered in a travel friendly size! In high school I went to New Mexico on a mission trip and we packed catch phrase in my carry on to play in airport. Warning. This game beeps and when your backpack starts beeping going through security you will be searched! So the idea of games designed specifically for travel is SO cool! They have a lot of the classics, Monopoly, Sorry, etc…but there are many companies making unique games just for travel!

Here are a few I want to get before my road trip to California!
1. American Trivia -> how much fun would this be to play on a roadtrip?
2. Apples to Apples to Go -> I love this game so the fact that it is a travel version is amazing!
3. Flip to Win Hangman -> I love playing Hangman and this version is handy for traveling.
4. Smarty Pants -> Melissa and Doug is a company I found with a TON of options for travel games. The teacher in me HAS to add an educational game to the list!
5. Travel Blurt! Another favorite game made into a travel version!
Thank you to Relay Rides for reaching out to me for this fun post…I loved getting to share my favorite games! 

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Travel Games

  1. PaigeBrown says:

    My family was the MASTER of the Alphabet Game! We also got these awesome little Road Trip Bingo Cards when we were kids and got candy snacks! I still play the Alphabet Game on Solo Road Trips if I’m on a long stretch! Great post- I totally want the travel Apples to Apples!

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