NYC Eats



Oh man! One of the best parts about traveling is getting to try fun new restaurants! My dad and I consider ourselves to be quite the food critics in our hometown, so I always find myself looking for eccentric restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else! I wish I took the time to document every single meal, but I did not want to be THAT person in the restaurant snapping away!

image1 (2)

Our first morning we went to Tavern on the Green and ordered a bagel and iced tea to enjoy in their courtyard. It was the perfect morning to eat breakfast outside in the park! I had looked up Tavern on the Green and saw it was pretty expensive, but the prices of the Green To Go was extremely reasonable! It was honestly one of the cheapest meals of the trip…plus you cant beat the view of Central Park.

image3 (1)

Before seeing Aladdin we went out for a fancy dinner. We went to this adorable Italian restaurant a few blocks from the theater. It was called Lattanzi. We had the most wonderful bottle of wine (the Pinot Noir). If you go here I recommend the Chocolate Mousse dessert…Oh my goodness! It was the most perfect pre show dinner!

image5 (1)

I was SO happy I had talked to my friend Chelsie Saturday morning. Her ex-bf used to live on the Upper West Side, super close to where we were staying so she was FULL of awesome recommendations! Alice’s Tea Cup is a place I had heard of before, but after Chels recommended it I knew we had to go. If I thought the Chocolate Mousse was good the night before, nothing can compare to the Chocolate with Sea Salted Carmel Scone. Ahhh! I wish I bought a dozen. I absolutely loved the quaint and homey atmosphere in this little restaurant. They have more tea offered than you could imagine! This was possibly one of my favorite food stops of the trip!

image6 (1)

The Smith was our LAST meal of the trip before heading to the airport. This was the location in Midtown. This place reminded my of a favorite from back home. The menu had some pretty exquisite choices, but I played it safe with a grilled chicken sandwich. We were also adventurous in trying their Agave Lemonade house soda. It was pretty sweet, but definitely enjoyable. It would be EXCELLENT in a cocktail!


Agave Lemonade House Soda

My one complaint about eating in NYC? The PRICE. Seriously, I have never paid so much for food in my life. Our cheapest meal was our last night…we grabbed slices of pizza. (delicious).

I am already compiling a list of new restaurants to try in NYC! If anyone has any recommendations leave them in the comments!


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