Seeing a Show: Aladdin

I absolutely love musicals. Seeing a show on Broadway was definitely a highlight of my trip (if not my entire life thus far). My roommate and I went to see Aladdin. It was hilarious! The guy who played Genie made the entire show. He had an amazing voice and some of the best lines of the show. Aladdin was perfect, and so was the rest of the cast…They did an excellent job taking the Disney movie and putting it on the stage. My only flaw with the show was whoever played Jasmine was having an off night (I am hoping it was an off night and not just how it normally is). Seriously, she butchered A Whole New World. 1966909_10203256512029404_4386745178265877870_n

Prior to the show we made our way towards Broadway and enjoyed dinner at a little Italian restaurant. I loved being all dressed up in the city! The show was also right near Times Square so Abbey was able to see Times Square all lit up for the night!

We ended up getting Mezzanine seats (way on the left side) for under $100. I was very concerned that they were going to be absolutely TERRIBLE seats after reading some horrible reviews of the theater on Yelp! Honestly I did not find the seats to be bad at all. We had an excellent view of the stage and nobody sat in front of us!image4

Next time I am in New York I will definitely splurge and see another show. Top of my list right now is If/Then starring Idina Menzel. I legit might die if I actually saw her perform live. I would also see Wicked (I have seen the traveling show) and if they ever make Frozen into a show I am there!


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