Empire State Building


possibly my favorite shot from the trip

I am terrified of heights. The first time I visited NYC I saw the Empire State building from afar but refused to go to the top! This time around I decided to be brave and suck it up. We got extremely lucky and got to have the VIP Experience at the Empire State Building. A good family friend works on the 36th floor of the Empire State Building (how cool is that?) She hooked us up with this magical card.


the magical card

All we had to do was flash this little card and we were escorted to the front of every line. This was the best thing ever because I absolutely HATE waiting in lines…and the line was probably a solid four hour wait. I wish you could just share this card with more people because I do not think I will EVER be able to do the Empire State Building without it. (I have been spoiled).


the elevators 

Once we got to the first elevator, they CRAMMED us in. I should also mention I am a tad bit claustrophobic…so being crammed in an elevator going up 80 flights of stairs was not my idea of a fun time. Luckily we made it up…and then had to get on another elevator. Finally we made it to the top of the Empire State Building and were treated to some pretty spectacular views.


There were a lot of people up top which made snapping pictures a little tricky. We walked around and took in the views. Then as we were making our way back the elevator the man saw our magic card and informed us that we got to go to the 102nd floor with it…JACKPOT!


the view from 102

So up we went. There were maybe 5 other people at the top with us which made for a much more intimate experience. This is something you can also pay extra to do! There is not an open air space on the 102nd floorbut there are a lot of windows which makes taking in the view easy. We were extremely lucky to visit on such a beautiful day!


heading up to floor 102!

If you find yourself in NYC I would definitely say splurge and pay a little more for whatever pass lets you cut the line…there is no way I would want to stand in that line. I am sure there are also certain times of the day when it is less crowded. We went smack in the middle of the day! Make sure you pick a pretty day to go! It would be so sad to get to the top of the building and not have a gorgeous view waiting for you!


taking in the spectacular views

2 thoughts on “Empire State Building

  1. armidatrentino says:

    super photos. Thanks for sharing. Empire State Building just shows that Sky is the limit, really!! This famous 102 story skyscraper has 73 elevators and was constructed within 1 year and 45 days and the height of this lofty building is 381 meters (1250 ft).

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