Burlap Wreath DIY


I have been searching Pinterest for fall decoration ideas, and I kept finding myself drawn to the burlap wreath. There are so many different options for making these wreaths unique. I was terrified that this wreath would be extremely complicated…but after reading a few tutorials I was ready to give it a try!

I headed to Michaels and bought my supplies. I bought Burlap (Get two just to be safe! I ended up needing to run to Michaels for a second Burlap!), a wire wreath (like the one pictured), and whatever you would like to use to decorate your wreath with…I chose flowers!


Below I have documented the steps you will need to follow to create this wreath. The first few bunches are the hardest, but once you get going the wreath is SUPER easy! I used this Youtube video to help get going! It is a little tricky to explain in words, but watching the video definitely helps and I hope the pictures do too!


1. Lay the burlap under the wire wreath

2. Pull the burlap through the first ring of the wreath…it should make a loop

3. Next, pull through the second ring to make a second loop.

4. Then pull through the third ring to make a third loop

5. Bunch the three loops by pushing them together.

6. Repeat this three times per section of the wreath (more or less depending on the size of the wreath)


You will continue this same process for the rest of the wreath. You can fluff up the loops or pull them apart however you want.


To finish the wreath off, I just cut away the excess burlap and wrapped it under the wire to secure it. I then hung the wreath on a door and placed my flowers where I wanted them! I just pinned the flowers down, that way I can trade them out depending on the seasons! I of course picked Orange and Blue flowers to make this a Gator Wreath! You can use anything to decorate your wreath! I definitely recommend searching pinterest for some cute ideas!


The finished product on display!


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