Hometown Saturdays: Winter Park Farmer’s Market




hometown charm

If you have ever been to my hometown of Winter Park, there is a good chance you have seen the Winter Park Farmer’s Market (or at least heard about it). When the weather finally starts to cool off (which it has not)there is nothing better than strolling down Park Avenue with a BIG bag of fresh kettle corn. This morning was also the Fall Art Festival so the street was blocked off. I love when they close Park Avenue because you are able to walk RIGHT in the middle of the beautiful brick roads.


farmers market

Dad and I walked up to Park Ave from my parents house. We did a big loop by Rollin’s College and past the new Alfond Inn. We treated ourselves (well he treated me) to a delicious breakfast at Barnies Cafe. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of my meal. They have the most incredible Energy Bowl. Smoothie, Acai, Granola and Greek Yogurt…it is the greatest morning treat (especially after a long walk).


dads art

Then dad and I walked around the Art Festival and side walk sales for a little and stumbled upon a flash mob! So Cool! I met up with Daisy and her daughter Stella at the Farmer’s Market where we made the rounds.


the cutest kid ever

I think little Miss Stella tried a little bit of everything! Bagels, Kettle Corn and a popsicle made for some yummy treats.


little succulents 

It is little mornings like these that make me remember why I LOVE my hometown! Yes, I love to travel and I always imagine what life would be like living somewhere else…but I know I would miss the little Winter Park charm that makes my hometown so special!

IMG_4546roads closed 


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