Trip Video: Highlights from Eleuthera

We all know I am semi obsessed with taking pictures and videos. I think they are such a great way to capture memories. When trips end I tend to slip into a state of wanderlust…desperately planning my next trip. The only thing that tends to help this is looking at old pictures and putting all my video together into a movie…and then watching it over and over and pretending like I am still on the trip.

I put together our video from our trip to Eleuthera and it highlights all of my favorite things we did. The next post will be all about our Adventure Day, but you can get a sneak peek of all the fun things we did in the video!

be sure to watch to the very end to see our INTENSE cliff jumping (plus some pretty cool special effects).

All of the video was shot using our GoPro cameras. Dad and I both have a GoBudi (off brand version of the GoPro extender stick) and I LOVE IT. We also upgraded and got Flat Lenses for the Go Pro and that really helped with the clarity underwater.

Also in the works is a video from my epic China trip…but that will take a little longer (I took WAAY too much video)


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