Eleuthera: Family Vacation


flying home

Each summer my family takes a trip somewhere. Growing up it was usually somewhere out West, generally a National Park. In the past few years we have begun taking trips to the Bahamas. This year we tried out a new island Eleuthera. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this island. I have seen crystal clear blue water during our other trips, but the water in Eleuthera has an amazing turquoise tint to it, making it even more beautiful.


Crystal clear water 

Getting to Eleuthera proved to be quite the adventure…for me it was four days post surgery, so I was not feeling too hot, couldn’t carry my own bag, and was still not convinced I would make it to the island.


our porch

After the plane trip from hell (literally made flights in China look like first class)…picture an airplane ride with NO air-conditioning and sitting on the tarmac for two hours. We finally made it to the airport, got a car and drove to our house…which was absolutely stunning.


the brothers

The first few days I was forced to take it easy…I wasn’t technically supposed to get in the water until a week post surgery but my dad checked on my incisions and said I was good to go. I swear the saltwater is magical…while I was in the water I felt a million times better!


magical saltwater

On day 2 we used my dad’s father’s day present (a book on all the beaches) to try and find some good spots…we epically failed. The book gave TERRIBLE directions. We maybe found two beaches and spent most of the day driving all over the island! One place we ended up was Ocean Hole. The Ocean Hole is this blue hole (looks like a lake) in the middle of the island that is filled with tropical fish! The fish get here through tunnels that connect to the ocean.


our beach was hands down the best

I absolutely fell in love with this island! I did miss having a boat but the snorkeling here was amazing! My favorite “island stop” had to be the The Farm. This was a local farm that you could purchase fruit, veggies, etc from. They had all different plants growing on the island. If you go to Eleuthera STOP HERE


the farm

Our last night on the island we were treated to quite the local experience. Every Friday night there is a Fish Fry in Governor’s Harbor. They close the street down and essentially have a party…complete with a DJ and Limbo. Please picture my brothers (both over 6ft) competing in the Limbo with 5 and 6 year olds.


quite the experience

Getting back to the states also proved to be quite difficult. It included an hour taxi ride (with no A/C) across the island to make a different flight…and hour and a half in customs in Ft. Laudy…and another hour delay for our flight to Orlando because our Flight Attendant was stuck in customs. (customs was ridiculous but if I start talking about that it will turn into a long rant…but just picture 700+ people trying to get through customs with only 5 people working)


Stay tuned for a post all about our Adventure Day (includes CLIFF JUMPING, KAYAKING,and some pretty awesome snorkeling)!

One thought on “Eleuthera: Family Vacation

  1. Eurie Dorsett Mackey says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video of your trip to Eleuthera. I was born there, currently live and work in Nassau but go back frequently. Highlights of you trip captures the essence of what it means to be “free” 🙂

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