Shanghai Day One

We had three full days in Shanghai and then our trip would be over…my body was exhausted and I was developing a pretty nasty cold/respiratory cough. It seemed to be making its way around our group! I guess that is what happens when you are in and out of hotels for fourteen days!


the view from our hotel 

Luckily for me I had already decided to skip the tour for the day and spend it with my Biffle…aka Sarah…aka the whole reason we came to China! Sarah is teaching English in Shanghai and I knew if I was ever going to visit China this would be the time!


she was thrilled to see me

Since Sarah and I were exploring solo we didn’t have the luxury of having a nice big bus take us everywhere. We used the subway system to get everywhere. It was honestly such an easy experience! I really enjoy using public transportation in big cities…I would even say the Shanghai subway system is easier to navigate than some in America!


The first place we visited was the Architecture Museum. Sarah has already been here, but I had seen her pictures and wanted to see it for myself. I am not a museum person AT ALL…but I loved this museum! It was very hands on which is good for me. My two favorite parts were the miniature of the city and the futuristic exhibit.


After this we made our way to Starbucks. It is always interesting to visit something we have back home in another place. I got a Lemon Iced Tea…not exactly my Black Iced Tea I love at home but still good!


Then we wandered around to an area called Tianzifang. If you ever find yourself in Shanghai I recommend this 100%! It was a rainy dreary day but we found ourselves wandering through these tiny alleys full of stores and restaurants!



It was almost magical (I know that sounds super cheesy, but I can’t think of another word!) Neither of us were very hungry so we kind of just wandered and caught up!


so many different types of restaurants 

Then we went to Starbucks for round two…and decided to head back to the hotel and just hang out. Our hotel was FREAKING AWESOME! The pool was up on the top floor and it was an infinity pool with a view of the Shanghai skyline! You could even see the BUND from the little balcony!


enjoying tea by the pool 

so what did I miss by having my own day of exploring? Well the group went up to eh 88th floor of the Jinmo Tower to see a crazy awesome view…but unfortunately it was not a nice day and they didn’t get much of a view. Here is one of my moms pictures from the top of the tower.


didn’t miss much

After that the group headed to a museum which from the sounds of it was not as cool as the architecture museum. My mom and another group member bailed after the tower and walked back the hotel. The only thing they did that I was a little bummed to miss was seeing the bund (but fear not I still made my way there later on in the trip!)


how the heck do you discover this talent? 

That night we were treated to quite the show! It was an ACROBAT show…and oh my word there were some talented performers! Some were VERY young (probably 10!) so I am not sure how I feel about that. My mind was definitely blown several times! The performers made every contestant on America’s Got Talent look like a failure.


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