The Travel Day from Hell: Guilin to Shanghai

Okay! Sorry to start with such a DRAMATIC title…but seriously this flight from Guilin to Shanghai was absolutely TERRIBLE. Luckily the morning was WONDERFUL. We spent it exploring a few last minute places in Guilin. DSC_3705

For our last morning in Guilin we got to visit a local tea farm. This was honestly located in one of the most beautiful spots plus it was a blue sky day! I brought my new hat to wear while picking tea.


After picking tea we headed inside for a traditional tea ceremony. It was very interesting to be given an opportunity to see this cultural experience. We tasted several different teas and learned some Chinese tea etiquette!


We also got to see the process how tea is made using the tea leaves! It is crazy to think how much goes into making something many of us drink every day! We then made our way to a local park that had a cave full of Buddha carvings.


entrance to the cave 

During the Cultural Revolution many of the carvings were destroyed. It was fascinating to see the Buddhas that had been smashed during this time period, but even more interesting to see the carvings that survived!


some Buddha carvings 


Guilin Scenery is seriously magical

After this we headed to the airport to eat lunch and wait for a flight to Shanghai (which had already been delayed an hour). During my trip to China I learned that air traffic in China can change without warning. Generally you spend more time sitting on the tarmac than in the air.

We sat in the airport until about 9pm (originally a 4pm flight) before boarding the plane. Of course our flight was full of screaming children and loud adults. I should also mention I had been suffering from a cold for a few days so I was absolutely miserable…all I wanted to do was sleep but my obnoxious copassengers would not be quiet! To top of this terrible travel day, I got sick on the plane (I get motion sickness and I guess my Dramamine didn’t work).

We got to the hotel around midnight and we hadn’t eaten dinner but there was no way I was staying awake any longer. We passed out in the hotel room after a miserable day of traveling. The only perk was I was going to get to see my Biffle the next morning in Shanghai!


One thought on “The Travel Day from Hell: Guilin to Shanghai

  1. MaitoMike says:

    Oh gosh.. haha. Your title says it all. I’ve been on flights within, to, and from Shanghai/Beijing. I know EXACTLY what you went through. The screaming babies thing was “in” then, and I guess the trend never died! ‘Never again!’, I tell myself. Always expect the unexpected, eh? Good luck! =)

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