10 Travel Must Haves


photo-4If you haven’t noticed I absolutely LOVE to travel. If I could just jet off to different places for a living I would…seriously it would be my dream job!! (even though I would miss my second graders a lot!) I feel like I am definitely becoming more and more of a seasoned traveller. I can get my way through airport security and customs like a pro! To be a real seasoned traveler it is important to pack light, but pack efficiently! Here are my TEN must haves for every trip I take!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.21.08 PM

Captured in action

1. Camera -> self explanatory I absolutely love to take pictures. On any given trip I have at LEAST two cameras in my bag! Generally my Nikon D40 (or my new Nikon P500) and my GoPro (for video!). I also use my iPhone for a lot of my pictures!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.02.41 PM

I can’t believe I am sharing this picture, so embarrassing! But it shows my attempt to tape my suitcase back together…

2. A Good Suitcase -> I can’t even begin to tell some of my horror stories of terrible suitcases. Once when flying to Atlanta my suitcase broke smack in the middle of the airport (horrifying!) Luckily, before heading to China I invested in a nice new suitcase. I really like the ones that are lightweight and swivel.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.55.03 PM

Check out that giant purse!

3. Purse -> As I mentioned I generally have at least two cameras on me when traveling so I need a sturdy bag that I can keep secure. My two overseas trip I borrowed this AMAZING fossil cross body from a family friend and it was perfect. There were pockets galore. I was able to carry everything I needed with me for the day!


TOMS are my go to comfy shoes! 

4. Comfy Shoes -> Another thing I learned the hard way…looking cute hurts…and when traveling you can’t afford this pain! Skip the cute ballet flats and opt for comfy tennis shoes…trust me your feet will thank you! When traveling you will find yourself walking a LOT! When traveling I try and pack tennis shoes, comfortable sandals (That I can walk in) and one cute pair of shoes.

5. Eye Mask/Ear Plugs-> you never know what the hotel you will be staying at will be like. In Europe staying in hostels we had many loud nights from the bustling streets beneath us. Sleep is important so earplugs are essential. The eye mask comes in handy for plane rides or train rides!

6. Medicine -> pack any and all medicine you may need on your trip!! You never know what you might need so I suggest packing anything you regularly find yourself needing. When going abroad I had my doctor write me a prescription for a z-pac and some other antibiotics just in case!

7. Good Playlist -> plane rides can be torturous when children start to scream…a good playlist can save you in this situation! Plug those headphones in and block out all the background noise.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.03.37 PM

the perfect little snack

8. Snacks -> if you are like me when you get hungry you need to eat! Pack some trail mix or something else that can help tide you over until you find a real meal! (Plus pack some chocolate, you never know when you will need it!)


of course you need a book if you’re trip is to the beach!

9. A Good Book ->This may seem crazy to pack when you will be traveling and spending ALL of your time sightseeing! What I found in Europe was that I had to wait in some pretty long lines! Luckily I had the Kindle app on my phone and was able to spend my time reading! I read more on my backpacking trip than I do normally!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.13.17 PM

10. A Positive Attitude and a Sense of Adventure-> of course I had to end with something cheesy! When traveling things will NOT always go the way you planned…but this can honestly lead to some pretty memorable experiences! Don’t let the little things change your attitude towards your trip! Embrace it! This one pretty sums up  my ENTIRE backpacking trip through Europe! So many things went wrong, but I still had the TIME of my life…plus I have some pretty interesting and hilarious stories!

What are YOUR ten travel must haves? Leave them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “10 Travel Must Haves

  1. Mary Ann Plumley says:

    Add Duct Tape–Handy for repairing luggage, torn hems or just about anything that needs fixing. I get small rolls from Magellan’s–but they have been sold, so hopefully the new company will still carry it.

  2. Sarah Gentry says:


    I somehow stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews of TOMS this evening. I am looking at purchasing my very first pair! I have read all sorts of stories on various websites about TOMS making feet really sweaty so I have been hesitant to buy a pair in the past. Has this been your experience with TOMS or are your feet always sweat-free when you wear them?

    Fantastic website, by the way! You have a new fan!


    • SaraSmiles365 says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you found me!

      I have two pairs, one that are the glitters and my feet definitely sweat in those! The other pair I have are the crochet ones and those breathe a little more so they don’t sweat as much (or at least not enough for me to really notice!) The shoes also get a little stinky after a while, but my crochet ones have held up the best and they don’t smell (yet!) haha! I hope that helps!

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