Guilin Day Two: Li River Cruise


Today was the day I had been waiting for since booking the trip. I was so excited to see the Li River and the beautiful scenery Guilin had to offer. We drove about an hour out of town and boarded our boat. Right as we started boarding the rain began…I was so upset! I thought our day would be ruined. Luckily, the rain only lasted a little bit. It churned up the river and made it a gross brown color…


(the locals would row up to the giant boat trying to sell different fruits/etc)

As we continued down the river the sun came out and the day became more and more beautiful. The boat ride was FOUR hours, which I have to admit was a bit long. Lunch on the boat was described by our local guide Ginger as a mix between “yum and yuck”…It was definitely closer to the yuck end of the scale. To be fair I wasn’t feeling very good (I had started to develop a cold…) so my appetite wasn’t really there. One thing I did try was SNAKE WINE. It tasted like whiskey. I took the tiniest sip solely so I could say I tried it!


yes that is a snake in there!

After the boat ride we ended up in a little town which we walked through. I was over people trying to sell me things and just wanted A/C. Guilin is HOT and HUMID (and this is coming from a Floridian). We all met up at the KFC to gather up, I needed to use the restroom and oh my goodness…it was the GROSSEST restroom I have ever entered. Even the local chinese wouldn’t use it…and it was in a KFC!!!! (end rant).


one of the river boats 


we saw the scenery from the money

We then took a van ride to another location where we saw many of the local Chinese rafting on bamboo rafts. It was SO cool.


There were SO many rafts on the river! It was such a cool thing to see. We also passed a bunch of Water Buffalo, but sadly none of my pictures turned out!

I wish I could share all the pictures I took this day, but I don’t think WordPress will let me upload that many pictures!!! Here is one more! 🙂 This guy was taking our pictures (I told you the Chinese LOVE taking American’s pictures) and when I waved back he gave me a thumbs up!



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