Travel is Rebellion in the Purest Form

I found this picture quote on Pinterest while planning my next big trip…Dad says I need to at least wait until I am home from China before I start planning my next trip…but I can’t help it. I spend about half of my day daydreaming about places I have yet to see and explore!

picture via Pinterest

I love EVERYTHING about it. I can’t think of a more perfect description of why I love traveling.

I also figured it would be the best last post before China! I sadly won’t be able to blog while IN China, but I am going old school and bringing a journal so I can handwrite all my blog posts. I will then be sharing them when I return.

Here is our schedule of adventures.

Day 1: Depart USA (we are flying out of San Fran)

Day 2: Arrive in Beijing in the afternoon

Day 3: Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Day 4: Great Wall of China

Day 5: Temple of Heaven, Beijing Zoo, Summer Palace, and then fly to Xian

Day 6: Terra Cotta Soldiers and a visit to a rural village

Day 7: Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell and Drum Towers, then fly to Guilin

Day 8: Dragon Spine Terraces

Day 9: Li River Cruise and Guilin Photo stop

Day 10: Guilin to Shanghai (where Biffle is!)

Day 11: Shanghai Explorations

Day 12: Suzhou and Tongli

Day 13: FREE DAY SHANGHAI (4th of July) hanging out with Biffle ALL DAY

Day 14: Journey home (plus a trip on Maglev train)

As I type out our Itinerary I am so excited to see what magnificent adventures await us in China!

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(our tour is through China Spree)

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