The Corner of Happy and Healthy: Walgreens Balance Rewards

via Walgreens Balance Rewards 

I just discovered Walgreens Balance Rewards program and it is GENIUS! I do not know why more stores are not following suit. They are encouraging their customers to get out there and get moving! All of your steps earn you points, which can be used as Walgreens credit…so pretty much you are getting money to exercise.

photo 1

this has been the year of being healthy for me 

I have a Fitbit One that I wear every single day. My Fitbit tracks my steps, flights of stairs, calories burned etc. I am absolutely obsessed with it. If I forget to wear it, I feel like I forgot a piece of me at home. It is a really good device to keep me accountable. All through Lent I made myself walk 10,000 steps everyday. This little thing was my way of keeping track. Now I love that I am able to earn POINTS just for doing what I do every single day! If you have a similar device you can sync it online with your Walgreens account and it will connect and record your steps. My favorite part of the Fitbit brand is that you can add friends and compete against them! Interested check out the Fitbit website here 

photo 3

your flower grows the more intense you are (not working up a sweat while blogging)

So how exactly does this reward program work? Well according to the Walgreens website, you can earn points by buying featured products or by engaging in healthy behavior. Using the app you are able to log steps, healthy activity, record weight, and more. Each time you do one of these activities you earn points. 1 mile =20 points. 5,000 points =$5 of Walgreens’ credit. 5,000 points may seem a little intimidating, but honestly if you are going to be exercising you might as well log it here and earn some $$$!

photo 2

the Walgreens app makes recording all your activities nice and simple! 

Go sign up for Walgreens Balance Rewards NOW! 

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