snapshots of summer

Summer is in full swing in Florida. The sun has been shining and I have been spending lots of time outside! Here are a few snapshots of how I have been enjoying this sunny (and brutally hot) weather!


The beach has been visited…the perfect place to be when it is in the 90s! Lay out and enjoy the sun with a good book, then jump in the ocean for a cool down!

IMG_2135Graduation Parties never end! Matt and I headed over to our neighbors grad party! He is graduating from high school! It is crazy to think that I graduated from high school 5 years ago!

IMG_2428My wonderful teaching partner Mary Jo retired and we threw her a surprise party! This was the cake another co-worker made! Hilarious and delicious! It was ALL chocolate!

IMG_2495Karen came into town and we made a trip to Sea World…turns out I was a Sea World model in my past life! It was scary how similar this girl looked like me…my mom even asked if I was sure it wasn’t! (Mom, I think I would remember getting a kiss on the cheek from a Beluga Whale!) But if you combined my cousin Julia’s picture and mine together at this age it would be that girl!


Snowcones with my favorite Stella! I used to LOVE getting snow cones when I was little, and my favorite place just relocated by Daisy and Stella. I have a feeling we will be making a LOT of trips here during this hot summer!

IMG_2548Just because school is out doesn’t mean I stop working! I am nannying and tutoring during the summer. I snapped this bubble picture while nannying the other day! It may be one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken!

I depart for China in exactly 6 days!





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