2 Salty Mermaids

IMG_6672Thanks to all forms of social media, I am coming to discover small brands that I absolutely LOVE! I decided I would start sharing a few of my favorites with you. The first up is 2 Salty Mermaids. This is a small jewelry company that I am head over heels in love with!


Karen’s Stack looked great with her Lilly Pulitzer 

My friend Karen introduced me to them (a coworker of hers makes the bracelets). They do not have a website yet, but you can follow them on instagram and like them on Facebook to stay updated (and order bracelets). I love how you can stack the bangles together to really make a statement! I can’t wait to wear my orange and blue bracelets for the FIRST Gator Game!


My Orange and Blue bangles will be perfect for Gameday!

Check out 2SaltyMermaids on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!


Pretty proud of this picture! I am in LOVE with my Sea Turtle bangle! (It went great with the my blue and white bangles) 

This is the stack I am LUSTING over! How perfect is that mermaid??

via 2SaltyMermaids Facebook Page

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