photoCan you believe it…this little baby is 24!

My first day of summer was spent celebrating my 24th birthday! Well it was technically spent cleaning up my classroom, but I celebrated with my kiddos earlier! I have said it before and I will say it again, birthdays are a million times more special when you are a teacher (especially at my school). I was spoiled ROTTEN! My homeroom mom surprised our class in the middle of the spelling test…my kiddos were extra lucky and got out of that last test! 🙂


sweet surprises 

My kids made me a book that I will cherish forever, it is the same book my kiddos made me last year (They answered a bunch of cute questions about me!)


dad and I at Cask 

Dad celebrated a day early because he had to work on my actual birthday, we went to Cask and Larder and had a great time! For my actual birthday mom and I went to the Ravenous Pig and my FAVORITE bartender Anderson was working! He surprised us with some birthday shots! Needless to say we had a good time!


the ravenous pig

It is crazy to think I am 24! I know most people start panicking as they get older, but I kind of love it!


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