Movies, Music, and Books OH MY!

Now that is summer I feel like I have so much extra time to finally read the books, see the movies, and listen to the music I had been too busy for! I honestly hadn’t read a book since Spring Break (and that is very unusual for me). I couldn’t TELL you the last movie I saw before summer, and my iTunes library was in need of a serious update.

Movies I Saw and Enjoyed: 

1. The Fault in Our Stars -> big fan of this book, therefore extremely skeptical about the movie. Hands down this was one of the BEST book to movie adaptations I have ever seen…yes, there were some things left out but overall they included the important scenes. The best part for me was that the actor cast as Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) was EXACTLY to a T what I pictured while reading the book. I felt like he WAS Augustus Waters. If you go to see this movie be warned…You will CRY…and not just a little. Tears streamed down my face for about 80 percent of the movie…I had a headache afterwards from the amount of crying I did…despite this I would go see it again tomorrow. It is a beautiful movie (even better book!)

2. Chef -> I went into this movie knowing ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. My dad had seen the trailer and took me to see it. It was adorable, lighthearted, and fun. The movie tells the story of a Celebrity Chef stuck in a rut. After one bad review he is left jobless, with the help of his ex-wife he decides to open a Food Truck. The chef also has a son who is longing for more father son time, and this new adventure gives him the perfect opportunity. I think the father/son aspect of this movie was my favorite…plus the food… you will leave the theater STARVING! ‘

3. Neighbors -> I am usually apprehensive about movies similar to this because I expect them to be stupid and immature. This one was both of those things…but at the same time it was HILARIOUS, I laughed until I cried during multiple scenes in the movie. I do not think everyone will appreciate the humor in this movie, but growing up with two brothers I was used to that type of humor. The basis of the movie? A young couple buys their first house and moves in with their new baby. They are then horrified when a Fraternity moves in next door…like I said HILARIOUS.

Book I Have Read(and may or may not have enjoyed): 

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1. Reread Fault in Our Stars by John Green-> just trust me and read this book…definitely before you see the movie.

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2. Paper Towns by John Green -> notice a trend? I am currently working my way through all of John Green’s books. I have to say I have been disappointed with all the books after The Fault in Our Stars. In my opinion he uses the same formula for the rest of his books (dorky boy wants unattainable girl, some adventure occurs, something intense happens, throw in a LOT of metaphors and you have the book). The ONE thing I LOVED about Paper Towns is that it is set in my hometown Winter Park! The main characters attend my old high school and all (a majority) of their adventures take place in areas I recognized!

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3. The Last Enchantments by Charles Finch-> Goodreads sent me this book for free. I didn’t love it…the story did not grab my attention. I was invested enough to finish the story. The best part of this book? The details of Oxford and London. I am so ready to finally see England for myself…

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4. Daughters of Jerusalem by Joan Wolfe -> Okay I technically read this on my cruise but I realized I never shared about it and this is one I REALLY enjoyed. It tells the story of Mary Magdalen from a first person perspective. I was born and raised Catholic so I found this book extremely interesting.

Music I am LOVING: 

1. One -Ed Sheeran -> Okay, it is a well known fact I absolutely LOVE any music by Ed Sheeran. He is such a TALENTED singer and songwriter. My roommate and I just spent last night watching the new MTV documentary “Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran” and it just made us fall in love with him even more…too bad his new tour doesn’t stop in Orlando!!! (or anywhere in Florida). I have already pre-ordered his new CD on iTunes (June 23rd while I am in China) so I got the pre-released songs. I love them all.

2. Try- Colbie Caillat -> This was a free download on iTunes and I LOVE IT.

3. Keep them Kisses Coming- Craig Campbell -> of course my list needs at least one country song on it!

4. Girls Chase- Ingrid Michaelson -> this song is just addicting, I cannot get it out of my head. Chances are if you have been around me in the last week I have been caught singing this song.

My lists of to see and to read are much longer…luckily I have a LOT of movie/barnes and noble gift cards waiting to be used!

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