and so the adventure begins…summer 2014

via Kate the Great 

This summer is going to be jam packed with lots and lots of adventures! I have made myself a promise that at least once a year I will take (and fund) one cool trip of my own…plus I will continue going on family vacations for as long as I am invited! I am the type of person that would rather splurge on a BIG trip than splurge on little things throughout the year (new shoes purses etc) So where to this summer?

stealing these pictures from Biffle’s blog

First stop…CHINA! Yes, you read that correctly. My biffle is currently in Shanghai teaching english. (read her adventures here) Our journey starts in Beijing and ends in Shanghai with some breathtaking stops in between. Brace yourselves from some photo overload once the trip begins! Unfortunately I will not be able to update while in China (they block wordpress). Trust me, I have my handy dandy travel journal ready to be filled with blogposts!

Shanghai via Biffle

Then the end the summer we have Eleuthera. For the past few years we have done a family trip to the Bahamas. The past trips have been to Hope Town, and Green Turtle Cay. I was  a little apprehensive at first because I absolutely LOVE Hope Town and was hoping to return…plus in Eleuthera you don’t travel by boat (you use a car). One of my favorite parts of our trips is cruising everywhere in the boat.The more I researched this new destination the more excited I became. There are some seriously amazing sights awaiting us in Eleuthera (caves, pink sand beaches and more!)

the view from our house

Can’t wait to share more about these adventures!!


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