little (magical) moments


Recently my life has been full of magical little moments that remind me just how much I love where I am RIGHT now. Be it a silly moment with my class, a beautiful day at the beach, or even something as simple as a family dinner. Here are a few of those little moments that make me truly love my life! One of the prayers we read in class talked about blessings from God and how each day is an adventures created by God. On our path He leaves small gifts (moments) that show His love for us. I could not agree more. (click to view)

1. We always end our Science year learning about butterflies. One of our caterpillars decided to make a run for it! I captured it and snapped this little video so the kids could see how it crawled. Be sure to turn the sound up so you can hear one of my little students commentate the entire video!

IMG_20522. Continuing with the Butterfly trend, we got to release a total of NINE butterflies into the garden at my school. Watching the smiles and hearing the laughter (and a few screams) as the butterflies landed on the students was the perfect moment. Each student got the chance to hold a butterfly!

3. Sweet notes from students. A few weeks ago I was spoiled rotten during teacher’s appreciation week. My favorite day was the day when my students wrote me notes and drew me pictures. I got some notes from parents as well that made me feel so appreciated. My little Tyler gave me the coolest notepad and when I opened it I found this inside.


4. Getting to go to a fancy event with my parents (okay more a big moment) but still magical! I got to wear a beautiful pink dress, Daisy came and did my hair, and I wore the prettiest silver heels. I truly felt like a princess for the night…especially when I got to be the ONLY person to climb inside the helicopter for a picture 🙂


I attended this event when I was in high school because they were honoring my dad…I remembered the helicopter and that was my one goal for the night! Getting to climb inside while wearing a beautiful dress and big heels was the highlight of my night!


2007! throwback! (the helicopter isn’t the only thing that has changed a lot!)

5. Innocent Mistakes. For Mother’s Day my class made the sweetest frames with adjectives all around it. I took Black and White photos of the students to put inside the frames. The students were told to ask for spelling help, but this little guy thought he knew how to spell “beautiful” …it was too innocent of a mistake to fix. I hope it gave his mom a big laugh!

6. Beach Days. Every time I consider moving a way from Florida I experience a perfect day like this one that reminds me I could NEVER live somewhere where the sun isn’t always shining…and a place where the beach isn’t an hour in either direction. IMG_1957

(slurpees are mandatory for beach days)

There are so many more I could share. When you sit back and start to think you realize how these little moments happen more often than you think. What little (magical) moments in your life remind you how lucky you are to be where you are?


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