Adventures in Painting

A few months back a coworker and I went to a painting class. We came out with a beautiful painting of a sea turtle. I had such an amazing time, and I was seriously impressed with the final painting. After that class I caught the painting bug, and went to Michaels to stock up on supplies. I did some painting with acrylic paint, but after a week or so I was over that phase.


my first painting 

Instagram has been my source of inspiration recently…I think that is why I decided to start painting with Watercolors again. This of course meant another trip to Michaels…confession I spend WAAY too much money here. I went through a similar phase like this in college. I have a really hard time coming up with a creative idea to paint, so I have been copying some of my favorites (well attempting to). Where am I finding my inspiration you ask??


pineapples and coconuts

The Lilly Pulitzer Lilly 5×5 Pinterest Board (found HERE) Each day they post a new little Watercolor painting created by the geniuses in the design studio. I find myself repinning everything they post.

and Marnani Design’s instagram account (her paintings convinced me to attempt people!) She is seriously AMAZING! I wish I could paint half as well as she does! Check out her work HERE! 


people are still a work in progress…legs and arms are very difficult 

What supplies do I use? Watercolors from Michaels, Watercolor Pad (40 pages from the kids section), Paintbrushes (the cheap kind), Calligraphy marker.


High Heels

The best part of painting is how even if I am copying something, it still turns out looking unique! It is such a relaxing and creative outlet for me. There is nothing I enjoy more after a long day of work than sitting down with my watercolors and paintbrush!

What is your creative outlet??


Hey Mr. Zebra 


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